Tigers Fans Might Be the Only Ones That Care About This

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Sep 17, 2010
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Like the title said, mostly only tigers fans will care about this. As many of you went might have gone to the end of season tigers sale was a great place to be. I basically went to the game used stuff. I was the second person in the door so as soon as I saw where it was I immediatly saw the jersey rack. They had the gu batting practice jerseys and jackets for an amazing price so I started going throught them to see who they had. I don't know many of the players numbers so I asked a guy who had a roster number 31 was since I had a home and away jersey of him. He just had to be a retard and say evorybody was curtis granderson. Then I asked a guy I made friends with in line since he had a roster too. It turns out it was Zach Miner. Not bad for the price of these jerseys. Then I grab a number 8 and a kid says nice that's a laird. Gerald Laird. Another nice pickup for the price of these jerseys. I go to the game used pants section and they only have 3 pairs left. 48, 48, and you guessed it 48. So I grab a pair and realive I have barely enough left for one more jersey. I look and see a 48. I decide to get it to get a sorta complete uni. I chek out and when I get home and I decide to see who 48 is. These were the 2010 bp jerseys so I look. Don't see anybody. I check again and see that it is Jose Valverde. Pretty nice player with a LOT of potential. I just hope his career can keep going strong. The uni might be worth something someday. Well I left the place with 10 cents in my wallet. I'm happy though and if you're not a tigers fan, you might have just wasted 5 minutes of you're life.
I hate you lol, and I'll be glad to take that 48 jersey off of you, its Porcello not Papa Grande....I did get a Ramon Santiago hat at the Detroit fanfest whatever radio station did this year at The Rock Financial, someone found a Sheffield hat in there but I of course wanted to get in line for Calvin Johnson to destroy my jersey before hitting up the Tigers stuff.
omg!!!!!!!!!!! i love papa grande he was one of my 2 favorite diamondbacks closers, him and matt mantei, if u ever wanna get rid of those... im sure there taking alot of space ;) id be glad to take something of him :D ;)
I purchased a home White Tigers Jersey from 2008 Autographed by almost the entire team for about $50 on eBay. COA and all. Has Sheffield's auto on it, miggy, placido, bonderman, granderson, a bunch.
Sorry evorybody 'i think it is 46 I didn't have the jersey with me when I wrote this thread. I will check the number when I get home tonight. Either way I'm happy.