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Tom McCraw 2/2 2 weeks (1970 & 1975 Topps)
3142 Monte Vista Court
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

I was extremely very happy to see this. No, he may not have had the biggest numbers as a player, but he was a pretty solid hitter, and once mashed 3 home runs in a game. However, that's not why I was happy to see this.

You see, I used to run into Mr. McCraw every now and then a decade ago. I didn't know Mr. McCraw when he was the Astros hitting coach for a few seasons in the late '90's, but when ever I saw him he was always really nice. I always liked talking to him when I saw him. A very cool guy. Dierker was also very cool to talk to. Some of you know this already, and most don't, but back then I was in radio, and in '99, I believe, we were doing a broadcast from the floor of the Astrodome before an Astros game. I had a young promotions assistant working with me that day, who didn't take my advice and, instead of wearing jeans, she wore shorts on the 'dome floor. With that AC in that building, and few people in the building at the time, it got pretty darn cool down there. She was freezing. Mr. McCraw came by and I asked him how he was doing. He had just come back from a leave of absence, having fought a battle with the big C. He looked good and was very happy to be back. We chatted for a minute, and looked at the young lady assisting us on the broadcast, and asked her, "Are you cold?" She quickly nodded yes, and he took off his Astros warm up jacket and handed it to her to wear. He really is quite the gentleman. How many athletes do you know who will give you the jacket off their back?