Toploader Binder And pages

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Oct 13, 2002
Federal Way WA
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let everyone know that these great binders and pages are back avaliable.

These are the Sportstech Toploader Binders with 30 custom 6 pocket pages.

We loved this product so much we bought the company, so now NWcardsupplies owns the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute this product.

For those of you that have never seen or heard of this item, these are custom designed pages that hold toploaders securely, pockets will accept upto 75pt toploaders, the pages and binders are taller then a standard binder and 9 pocket sheets.

Available in black or blue cover

Additional pages available in packs of 10

Contact us here or thru our website for a quote to your zipcode.

Thanks Colin

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2 pockets across and 3 down? or the other way around? Just trying to understand why the size difference compared to standard binders/pages.
hi there
yes these pages are designed to hold toploaders, we are not aware of any other pages that hold the entire toploader.

the pages are taller then a standard 9 pocket page

2 rows across and 3 rows tall

we tried to go 9 pocket design like the standard pages but with the toploaders made them too heavy and too wide

thanks for your interest in our product


What is the current going rate for full boxes of pocket pages? I'd be looking at 4 pocket, 3 pocket, 2 pocket, 1 pocket (8x10) and 1 pocket (magazine) sizes?

How about a case of toploaders? Price on the kind with and w/o the 25 sleeve package that comes with each topload pack, if they differ?

I am thinking I might be able to get down to the WSSCA show at the end of the month, so if I bought anything it would be pick-up there if possible. Thanks.

hi curt
the pages are going for $15 a box now
case of ultra pro toploaders with out sleeves (in stock) $55
i would have to check on the toploader / sleeves combo packs, we dont stock those, but i know they are more

hope that helps.
please let me know if your planning on picking anything up and i will bring extras of those items.
thanks colin
Thanks Colin,

It will be a pretty busy weekend as we have Tball, garage sale, B-day for my youngest and I fly out to Dallas for the week on Monday. I hope to steal a few hours of free time for my first show in ages but we all know how most women are with card activities!

I'll let you know by the end of this week.

PM, email or post best for letting you know?
hi russ
the binders come with 30 pages to start, depending on how thick the toploaders are you put in the pages determines how many pages, if you use all standard toploaders, you might get closer to 40 pages
toploader binders selling good at the shows, pick one up today and see how great it is to keep your cards in a toploader in a binder and pages
nwcardsupplies / Sportstech


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Sounds like a really neat product- Maybe if you could post some pictures, we could get a better idea as to how it looks. I always wondered if they ever made pages that held I know!
Hey Mike
we learned about this product several years ago and started selling them, about 2 years ago we hard a hard time getting them from the manufacture so we offered to buy the product and the rights, and now as they say the rest is history.
we own the sportstech company and the right to the binders and custom pages to hold toploaders, i will dig up some photos and post them here soon,
or check out our website

thanks for the message

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If I want to purchase some boxes do i just let you knwo how many and send you a money order. Let me know I am interested in some boxes to put my sets in