Topps Replacements (2012 Bowman)


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I Know a lot of people have had their share of problems with card replacements of Topps and other brands , Me included . This time , I must give Topps a Thumbs up though. I recently sent a Bowman card of Prince Fielder ( 2012 Bowman) It came out of the pack looking like a rubber band had been tied around it . I brought to their ( Topps ) attention , And I mailed the card to them for a replacement . From the time I mailed it , till the time I got a replacement in my hand , Was under 10 Days !! It was also packed well ( It was mailed in a Bubble Envelope and the card was in between card stock of about a half inch !! Great Job !! Jeff:D


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I had very good experience on 2 different replacement send ins on GU'ed cards from the 2011 topps (60) set. All cards were replaced with mint cards and well packaged. Glad yours went well too.