Trader Issue

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
I have a member that I have made a trade with, when he received my end of the deal I asked him if he would please mark as received since I like to keep things ognanized in my trade manager...he sent me back a nasty e-mail and said he would not mark it as receved and I shouldn't tell him what to do ever again and he would not mark it and won't deal with me again. It seems kind of random that someone would be so rude for no there a way a MOD card mark this trade so it can be taken out off the TM for me and I get the credit? He already said he got my payment before he sent my cards to me...thanks a lot!!!

The trade manager is set up so Only the traders can mark recieved. Mods have no access to those particulars of the trade manager. If you PM who it is I can ask them if they wouldnt mind closing the deal out, otherwise it will sit there in your TM until it gets old enough to drop off as a forgotten trade.