Ttm Failure

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Aug 8, 2009
:mad: :mad: Goose Gossage TTM failure I found out after I had sent it that he charges.He sent a not saying in his handwriting charges $10 per Autograph.So he took the time to write that but couldn't take 4 seconds to do his autograph? On the bright side I got a Trade in:D :D
I got him for free right before he went into the HOF. I didn't get a HOF insc obviously, but that's not too important since I at least have him for my Rangers collection :D Congrats on the trade.
My list of failures include:

Harmon Killebrew (Wants $65; no way from my point of view)
Joe Mauer (Sent a weird postcard with Questionable sig of Joe; Check my Bucket)
i got one of those back from Johnathan Harris from Lost In Space saying he charged $10 way back in the day...ended up writing back and forth to him several times after I sent the $10 in and had some great conversations up until the point he passed away...kinda got to be pen pals of sorts...write him back and send the $10 and i bet if you ask any questions he will write you back with the answer....besides $10 for the Goose is a deal.
Goose has actually gone down in price quite a bit since he was elected to the HOF. I think he was charging $50 or $60 right after he was elected.