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Mar 30, 2008
Hey I am coming up on my one year of sending cards through the mail. I have gotten some really good stuff back. I think my most favorite card i got back is a UD masterpieces bobby thomson auto,

what is your favorite TTM card and please share a scan if you want
one that comes to mind is the week bledsoe got injured i sent this card out. got it back quick....good luck now. lol
and non sport one....sent to his house asking for him and his wife. now he sends photos. this was b4 anyone knew the addy.... ozzy/sharon dual
I heard Trump doesn't sign his own mail...I dunno if thats true or not. I hope not since I got a signed 4x6 photo back about a year and a half ago.
My favorite all time success was this Warren Wells 8x10. I sent to him a while back (he is one of the toughest Raiders autos to get) and he sent back my 2 CIC's signed. Then a couple weeks later I get this in the mail out of the blue (on his own dime!):


As for non sport, this is by far my favorite:


I think this may be my fav... a) because I got all 4 signatures TTM and took a few risks on a few addresses.... and b) I don't see many Staub successes.

The last guy I need to finish this is Steve Rogers, but I'm gonna get him IP and not risk losing this in the mail. He attends the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame induction almost every year so I hope he's there again this summer, I'll get him then.


Being a Duke University fan my favorite success would be from Coach K, the men's basketball coach. I have met several players over the years and where I used to work in Oxford, NC a local attorney got a Duke basketball player to work for him every year. This year it is going to be one of the Plumlee brothers. Anyway, I wrote to Coach K one year and a few weeks later received a signed 8 X 10 photo personalized to me. A few days after that I got an e-mail from his assistant and his daughter on his behalf thanking me for the letter I wrote to him. Evidently he shared it with them and his family. His daughter was very thankful and all around nice.

This one will also be my favorite TTM when hopefully I get it back. It is from Torry Holt, hopefully future NFL HoFer. My wife and I met him at a Holt Foundation dinner and we took a picture with him and his wife. I sent that photo to the Holt Foundation and hopefully it will come back signed.
wow! Mario Lemieux!! How did you score that??

he cost me a pretty penny when he did a signing last year in town.

Thanks! I got him c/o his home address - when he was signing. It was back in summer 2006; I had a quick return the 1st time (13 days) so I tried it again although not nearly as quick (417 days)...

Lemieux, Mario - 630 Academy Street - Sewickley, PA 15143