UD-"NOT Authorized..."

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Feb 25, 2006
San Antonio
Well I picked up a couple of 2010 packs today and noticed something I guess I knew about, but never gave much thought about. Since UD is not authorized by MLB or the ML Teams, how are they getting away with using the Team Logos and images? I noticed there is not really a full pict (except as described below) of these images, just partial. Also noticed the small mug shots of the players faces are zoomed in on to cut out the hat logos. Out of the two packs I bought, only SB-63, a biography insert card shows the full "T" on the Rangers hat he is wearing. Do they have to state on the front of the packs that they are "NOT Authorized"?
Just as an observation, isn't this the same design UD has been using every year for the past 10 years, full color shots with the foil UD logo in th top corner? Guess this is why I stopped collecting 5-6 sets like I used to; price and lack of design, lack of quality.
Ya heard today from my local card shop that all the UD is gone, a big run on it because of an expected legal decision to put them on hold. I love the simpler times.