Unfortunately, This Isn't An April Fools Day Joke...*UPDATED*

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be listing 100 "Andre Dawson Auctions" every week starting this Sunday, May 9th. The auctions will start at 8:00 PM EST. They will load every 2 minutes until all 100 are complete.

I plan on listing at least 100 each week through "The Hawks" Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I'm hoping to be finishing up at the end of that week.

Please feel free to pass the word around to as many people as you would like. The more exposure I can get the better!

I am offering a shipping discount to members of The Bench! You only pay shipping for the first item you win (the highest shipping charge will take presidence). You will pay no additional shipping charges for winning multiple auctions! This is a "per invoice" deal only. You must wait for me to send the invoice and respond back with your Bench user name and I will adjust and resend the invoice. Again, this is a per invoice deal.

Place some bids! Bid them up! Win some auctions!


Some of you may remember the April Fools Day Joke I made about selling off my Andre Dawson Collection. I can promise you this isn't another attempt in hopes to "April Fool" you. It looks like the day I never thought would come is here.

My wife and I found out a week ago that we will be having our first child. Being out of work this past year pretty much depleted our savings. Although my work situation has improved, like for many people it is not as good as it was. I've thought long and hard and decided this is what needs to be done to get us back where we were as soon as possible.

When I told my wife my plans she almost cried. I could see the tears in her eyes when she said "but you love it so much". I think she is more upset about it than I am. She has always been great with me collecting now that I think about it. Although she has used the phrase "playing with your baseball cards" a few times. :rolleyes: Everyone knows we don't play with them! :D

Although I could have NEVER imagined that this day would come and as much as I will miss it, I'm confident this is the right move to make at this time. I've always been an "all or nothing" type guy. Just cutting back or selling some of it would never work for me. Damn OCD!

As of right now all that I will be keeping for sure are items that are personalized to me. Everything else will go the way of eBay or here at home, on The Bench. I would love nothing more than to cut the GREAT members here deals on any of the cards they may happen to need, but the truth is that most everything will be going to eBay for the simple fact that I need to maximize the sales of my collection.

This will not be a fast process as I plan on making it last through Andre Dawson's HOF Induction Ceremony in hopes of feeding the frenzy that comes along with it. At least I'm hoping there is one that comes with it!

I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has ever traded or sold me an Andre Dawson card. My collection would have NEVER reached what it has become without you folks here and it was nice to have people to share it with. I don't think even Peter (Champs96ws) could have ever imagined how SPECIAL this place would be when he created it.


*As I mentioned this will be a long process, so you won't be getting rid of me any time soon! I doubt I will ever leave this place to be honest. I hope it's around for my child to enjoy!
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I am really hoping that this is an Earth Day joke. :(

I am happy for you and your wife for the new bundle of joy though, congrats!

If you need to find a place to hide some of your 05 ToTT, or that IP that I sent you, just let me know.

Good luck with everything!
Life trumps collecting. Too bad there is not a way to stop collecting actively and hold on to what you have. Unfortunately selling like this, even over time, will probably not net you results you are hoping for, especially since a certain rabid Dawson collector will be absent from the bidding.

I can only imagine how cheap Garvey stuff would be if I was not bidding!

Congrats on the baby and good luck with the collection.
Dang, this struck me odd.. I never thought I'd see you having to stop collecting Hawk cards anytime soon.
But I agree with everyone else that has mentioned "Family is more important then Cards", unless your mom provokes the issue and wants you to be happy.. haha
Anyhow, let us know when you know more about whether you'll have a son or daughter.. Just don't name him Andre, or throw in Dawson, if it's a boy. lol, or you may regret ever moving any dawson stuff. haha

This is sad news for all of us on the bench. You're someone who is so passionate about your collection that I don't know how any of us could have seen this coming. You looked for every little thing you could find of your childhood hero and I'm sure you've enjoyed every moment of it. I was hoping you would consider selling some now to make ends meet for the time being but that doesn't look to be an option. Congrats to you and your wife; it looks like the time has come to move on. Good luck with it all. I'll be sending you a pm on some of your stuff.

Sorry to hear your selling some of personal collection! But your family is more important! Hopefully, the economy will rebound soon and you'll be back! Best regards, David
Well, first off I want to say congrats on the baby! The little one will bring such joy to your lives! Now I must say that I am saddened by you needing to sell off your collection. As a fellow player collector, I enjoyed seeing you post up new, rare Dawson cards that you had acquired.

Hopefully things will turn around for you soon. Another big year by the Cats should bring a smile to your face at least! Now, if you need any awesome UL socks or onesies for the new addition, just let me know!

I wouldn't mind adding a Dawson auto to my PC if you want to shoot me a price on one.

I have to say, this crushes me. I often see collectors selling their life's ambition, and it really saddens me. But for you to do it, for the most noble reasons, it still stings. I have two kids and I would sell the clothes off my back to make sure they were provided for. Your true character really shows. Sorry it has to be that way.

Do what you need to do. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife!!!!!! Please tell her that we all wish you the best. You two have been blessed!!!

Now this is really sad (selling off collection)...I guess the time off got you busy in bed (congrats on your 1st child). Regardless of boy/girl, I'm sure your child will have a name somehow related to Andre Dawson!
tglg - I will read it and get back with you soon.

BiggioDiogu759 - I know will miss it. I have a feeling my time will be plenty occupied though. :)

rynofan23 - Thanks for the PM my friend.

jflan702 - An "Earth Day" joke. Now there is a thought... :p I should edit the OP to say that I'll also be keeping the custom cards folks made for me. I don't think I would sell them. If I do get part with it, it will go back to you free of charge. After all, you did give it to me! :D

bdink25 - I will read it and get back with you soon.

mrmopar - It does indeed. I really don't think I could just sit on it. Even it it was an option for me. It would drive me CRAZY watching items I need/want get by me.

I guess I really don't have any expectations for the end result of the collection. I have a range in which I think everything will sale within. As long as it falls in that range and I see know reason it won't, we should be fine. It will allow me to take care of what I need to take care before the baby arrives any way. I appreciate the well wishes also!

zlw1 - Neither did I! I will be sure to let everyone know soon after we find out. The show Dawson's Creek ruined any shot of me ever wanting to name my kid that!

bear0555 - Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. You never know, I could hit the lottery next week and be set for life! That would mean I would have to buy a ticket though... I'll get on that! I'll respond to your PM soon.

David K. - Thank you! I appreciate it.

timfsu2k - Thank you! I appreciate it. Things aren't really "bad". I'm just the type of person who has to have EVERYTHING right. I've always tried tobe 3 steps ahead of any situation. This one got the jump on me. There are just some things we were going to take care of as money allowed it, that now NEED to be done before the little one arrives. This is the fastest way to make it happen. If everything works out as I expect it to this move will also allow my wife to either quit her job or cut back to a couple days a weeks so we will be able to avoid day care. Which is very important to us both. Send me a PM about the Dawson Autographs so I don't forget. (What do you think about the name, Teague? :D )

OriolesFan8 - Damn man, I was doing so good until I read your post. You got me tearing up. I don't do that! I really REALLY appreciate the kind words. Alot. Thank you.

Soxfan33 - Thank you very much. I will be sure to do that. I will probably show her this thread. She will be amazed at the well wishes we have received so far.

jaderock - That post was just in time! I got a good laugh from your comment! Thank you! :D

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If it helps the cause, I may be interested in some late 70s-late 80s/early 90s oddball stuff and especially if he is an Expo. Post Cards, iron-ons, etc. Anything I might pick up certainly would go to a good home (I have a modest Dawson mini collection myself, mostly oddball). I doubt very highly it would leave my hands in the foreseeable future.

To your response to my earlier comment, think of it this way. It might be hard to pass up on needed items while in a holding pattern, and maybe keeping the collection is a remote possibility still, but if you did decide to collect Dawson again and did dump the collection...obtaining everything again may be difficult and even a little bitterly painful, knowing you had them already.

I have debated a few times about whether or not I would rebuild if the collection were suddenly gone (theft, fire, etc). I am pretty sure, although I would not know for sure until it was happening, the flame would be extinguished and I would never go back. They say time heals all wounds, but who knows when it comes to a love lost...

I also hate to see what I believe to be genuine collectors dropping out. The only exception would be another serious Garvey collector, who I would gladly cherry-pick and wish off into the sunset!
Craig, I hate to see you break up your amazing collection, but I understand. I am the exact same way when collecting something. 100% or 0%. I do not have an inbetween. Family always comes first, and I am sure you know that you are making the right decision. After all, no matter how much we spend on a card, its still just a piece of cardboard (unless you collect Topps Stars 'n Steel). I hope you get a good price for each and every item you sell.
I hate to see you break up your awesome Andre Dawson collection. But I understand, that family comes first, because baseball cards are just pieces of cardboard. I'm happy for you and your wife, I wish you both the best!

mrmopar - Thanks! I will keep you in mind as I go along. I understand exactly what you mean. I don't think I could ever go back to it after selling it. though.

premium1981 - Thanks buddy. It sounds like you and I are alot alike in that regards then. I don't know if it's good or bad to have the all or nothing mentality. Propably a little of both...

cardinals-colle - Thank you very much!

Hey Craig,
I'm in a similar position. Work has been terrible and I'm selling off most of my Ripken collection. Just keeping a few of the nicer pieces and a couple things I like the most. I've also thought about whether I would start my collection again in better times and I doubt I could do it. With all the time and energy I've put into it I think it would just be too painful.

You never know though. It may be like when a much loved pet dies and you say "I'll never get another dog, it would be too painful" and then six months later you realize that living without that joy in your life is even more painful. Can't really make a rational decision when we're still digging the hole :(