Very rarely do you get to help people AND get something you want

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I read over the feedback on that one a few weeks back, as it was flagged in one of my searches.

I guess I am less easy to convince, but that listing just leaves me doubting.

1) It's a typical dutch auction with nothing but their word that you'll get anything worth while. True, you are guaranteed certain card year groups in each lot, but big deal. (1) 1966 Topps common is virtually worthless anyway.

2) Why doesn't anyone leave specifics in their feedback for anything good pulled? Perhaps it's frowned uopn, because the chance to pull that card from future lots is gone and the sales could be affected. I'd want to know that at least a few people (not plants either) were getting a lottery type pay-off

3) Is the money really going to this charity or organization? Again, maybe I am less trusting than most, but it's the same for beggars on the road/sidewalk. You want to help, but you start wondering if they are really down on their luck (some streets in Seattle can be very lucrative for a "work day" of begging. How about they are down on their luck...will they use the money for something necessary like shelter, clothing or food or will it be drank, snorted or smoked?

I think I'd rather give directly to a legitimate charity and feel more confident. If you are giving because you care, you don't need anything back anyway.