What are 2010 Fabrics?

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Sep 15, 2005
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Lately during my player collection searches I have been running across these 2010 Fabrics jersey cards. What are they? Who makes them? Are collectors adding these to their collections? Does Beckett recognize these?
I think it's the same company that makes the In The Game hockey products. Seen some really nice stuff come from the Famous Fabrics breaks but still too pricey for me.
Thanks for the link. I grabed one for the collection but I am not sure what to make of them.
I have been introduced to the product now, as a Garvey piece showed up.

First impression was that these are unlicensed crap. That won't necessarily stop me from trying to land and Garvey cards, but I will do so under protest!

They are made to look expensive, with all of these multi-player, multi GU pieces, but no player pictures. You have to wonder a little with the major players...are the GU pieces real? Back in the day, there were so few that it made sense they were real. Now there are 1000s of GU cards for most popular players. How many jerseys, caps, bats and such did they destroy to make these cards? Are we talking old timers games? Throw out the first pitch jersey over the suit uniforms? Now, you have a relatively unknown company stuffing tons of patches and GU pieces into their product. Are we to believe these are real as well? No license, so who is regulating it? Who checks? Who cares?

Garvey apparently has a 1/1 and another of the same card #'d/9. I hope that is it! This is something only a die hard player collector should have to buy, and I do mean "have to" as I would have a hard time passing on an item strictly for principle. I'm sure if I did, I would regret it later.
I finally am paying attention to this product because a card has applied to me. It's a quad jersey #1/1. Not sure what to do about it. If I get outbid, oh well.
Assuming no seller problems and delivery issues, I now have the two Garvey cards I am aware of, the 1/1 and the #6/9 (especially nice as it is Garvey's uniform number). Hopefully I am done, as these are absolute garbage! This is the 2010 answer to broder cards, but worse...no pictures!
I did end up scoring the 2/9 of O’neill. I saw the 1/1 come and go but this was before I knew what they were. I only ever saw one other of the 9 and the guy has a BIN of $150.00. I got mine for like $12 delivered (if that).
The Garvey #6/9 went for $9.99. It has Phil Esposito and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 1974 MVPs. Cool concept, poor execution. No license=no quality!

The 1/1 went for more than I expected, but still less than half of my top snipe bid, so I was pretty pleased!
I got the quad #1/1 for $56 dlvd. It was a quad jersey with Jeter, Posada, Mo Vaughn and Nomar. The Nomar swatch had a piece of trim. It went for less than I expected, so I was happy.
It's the die hards like us that keep the stuff coming, fortunately and also unfortunately. Like I said, I'd rather not buy it, but I need to fill that hole in the checklist. Catch 22! Add photos and the cards are probably triple the price!

I got the quad #1/1 for $56 dlvd. It was a quad jersey with Jeter, Posada, Mo Vaughn and Nomar. The Nomar swatch had a piece of trim. It went for less than I expected, so I was happy.