What do you guys use to organize your collection?

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Oct 27, 2010
Erie, PA
Hi guys - new to the forum and was just curious what you all used (beckett online, excel spreadsheet, etc) to keep track of your collection. If beckett had an option to export your collection, I would use that in a heartbeat, but i'd be too worried about them cancelling the service one day.

I've been using the Beckett Collector Connection (program from probably 10 years ago), but id like to switch to something else. What should I go with?
I use a 2 Prong approach, I keep my Collection listed in Beckett My Collections, and I keep an official text needlist on my PC as well as on my freewebs page. That is strictly for my Player collections.

I keep my tradelists in Microsoft works database. Basically excel, but MW Database is a smaller program and runs a little faster for me on my laptop as opposed to the full version of excel.
I used to use a spreadsheet for trading. Now I'm selling all my stuff on COMC.

For my player collections I keep a Word document of my want lists. About 2-3 times a year I remove stuff I've picked up and reprint them
I use Beckett to track what I have, but more because I can see what I don't have with little effort. I am working (slowly) on getting my trade list on google sites, and all my lists of haves is on my www, which is backed up by MOZY on my computer - so I won't lose that if something else goes wrong.

Best advice is to come up with something that works for you and fits into the time you can spend on your hobby.

- Chris
Those mini-storage units are getting expensive. I know the first month is free, but.... :D
I guess that I am a little old school and a little new school. I have a notebook that I use to track what I need for each se that I am working on. I then update my Webs.com page with those lists so that everyone else can see what I need. As I get cards for my sets, I update both lists so that I can keep everything up to date. I haven't rented a storage unit yet, but I do have a second bedroom that is full of all of my cards.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Just be sure that it works for you. There is no right way or wrong way, just your way.

Excel + Beckett = my player list! I found the old Beckett much easier to copy a list of player's cards into an excel sheet. It still can be done, just takes a little more work. Once I have it in though the sorting options are endless!
Hello and welcome to The Bench! I use a photobucket for my limited g/u and google doc's for listing set-fillers and stars/inserts for trade. I really like Google's spreadsheets because they are no frills and you can access them from anywhere.


I use a spreadsheet to first organize my box or case busts so I know what I have, according to the checklist. Then I add them into Microsoft access, so I can use that to then search by player, maker or team, year or card number. Much easier to use if you have literally thousands of cards. Then I have them organized to monster boxes and in the spreadsheet I can pull up what box and row the card I am looking for is in so I don’t have to search through 2o monster boxes. I also use Becketts.com, it allows me to see my higher end stuff and trade material easier and give me a relative value of them for trade or sale.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I've got about 20,000 cards that I want to get catalogued, but I don't really know which way to do it. I'm leaning towards an excel spreadsheet, but typing player name, looking up value, etc. would take absolutely forever. However, Beckett.com doesn't have any export function, so I don't really want to go that way either. Not really sure which way to go...
I use webs.com

I found it to be the easiest way to keep track of everything I have.
I find that Typing cards into my database doesnt take that much effort, I generally need to look most of them up any way. The database route is pretty nice if you have a decent typing spead and use the tab / ctrl-tab to move thru your cells. I usually have my database open and then a browser window open on beckett.com. While I am typing and tabbing my thru my database I can quickly switch from database window to IE window using alt-tab to swith back and forth, just type in the name for search and bring up teh bv and alt-tab back to the database and fill it in.

Sorry that was kinda long winded, hope it makes sense.
I am currently in the process of REALLY trying to get organized. I am a player and team collector, and I found that many are player collectors here as well.

Stored alphabetically in monster boxes. Not listed on site yet - and only making lists when I look for a specific player for someone. Eventually, it will go over to my Freewebs site.

Stored in binders by player

GU / Patches
Stored in binders by player

Autos / Vintage / Higher End Rookies
Toploader or magnetic holder and placed in monster boxes

Personal Collection
GU/Autos/RC's in toploaders and put into monster boxes
Base in binders organized by player

On my site I list RC's and inserts and in Photobucket I have GU/Autos/Vintage and some of my personal collection. I also use Beckett's My Organize to track my personal collection. The latest project is trying to get all of my star base cards saved to a file so I can trade base for base instead of giving up good inserts. :)