What is this Dan Marino Jersey worth?

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Apr 23, 2008
I have an autographed Dan Marino Dolphins jersey (obv:) ) framed. with COA. I got offered 300 for it but I'm not sure how valuable it is. I looked on eBay and I'd say around there. The frame is the thing that adds value. Any thoughts?
Regardless of "authenticity" or price, framed items are a PAIN and expensive to ship!!!! Sell the jersey w/o the frame...believe me it will work out better that way and save yuorself a ton of headaches.

I've had TOO many glass framed items come busted in up in pieces damaging the item inside as well...just search my threads on this site.
I'm with Brunell Jones, drop the frame...literally. Unless you are selling it local, then it might get you a couple more dollars.
Yeah that does make sense. I might have someone who will pay 300 for it with the frame. IS that a fair price?