What is your favorite insert TITLE NAME?

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Sep 15, 2005
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I am not asking what inserts you think are the best but rather the name of them. Going through 100's of my Jeter inserts I see repeats of the name and wonder if they ever run out of ideas.

Some cool ones I think are:

Early Indications
Untouchable Talents
Franchise Favorites

What are some you like or even think was not the best names?
I like "Shirt Off My Back" for GU cards and INKredible for autos. I'm a sucker for puns.
Legends of the Fall.
Hall Bound
Call of the Hall? I think that is an insert name.

I always liked Red Hot Materials & the Route 66 inserts from Nascar
I liked 1999 Fleer Mystique Prophetic. And would you believe...most of the players in that insert set actually panned out. Prophetic indeed. :p
Ive always liked: Diamond Kings
Not to sure what to think of this insert name but I won one tonight?

Mound Marvels
Significant Signatures
First Class Phenoms
Tools of the Trade
Recollection Collection
Nifty Fifty
Not to sure what to think of this insert name but I won one tonight?


Styrotechs is referring to the polystyrene coating they put on the cards.

As far as insert names go I always liked Crusade and Throwback Threads.
My favorite is: Stroke of Genius. The name fits the canvas cards with on-card autos. I only need 2 (Francoeur & Harang) from the 08 set, and I'll have all of them from 07 & 08. Love the cards and the name.