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Well, the return addy says thats its froma member here, but I talked to him, and he says he didnt send it, and I know he didnt send it because he would never send me a burned card, much less a Relic of Biggio.

Did the postmark match the return address?
What I meant was the zip code on the post mark (cancellation stamp) the same as the return address. Did either match 08724?

All that is on the package is:

Return Addy
My Addy

This thing that says:

CPU US Postage $1.56
PB 1P 000

Mailed March 24 2010
Hmmmmm...New Jersey...Dont know anyone from New Jersey....Hmmmmm...

I cant believe someone would take someone elses
information to send a burnt game used to you of the player you

When you received the package, was it altered in anyway?
You know what you could do, you could make a police report
on the item in question as it was slated to be sent to you and
therefore is your property. Maybe they can trace back the post
I found something on the CPU Postage.

CPU postage means

A contract postal unit (or CPU), a station or branch operated by a contractor, typically in a store or other place of business.

still looking on the other numbers..
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