What's an NPN you ask? - Read this thread.

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Oct 5, 2002
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Pete or Troy, please make this a sticky!

Seeing as how I see lots of questions regarding this, I thought I'd put together this little FAQ to help everybody out.
I'll add more to it if necessary.

1. What does NPN stand for?
NPN = No Purchase Necessary
2. What companies offer free cards?
Topps,Fleer,Donruss and all their products (i.e. Stadium Club,Bowman,Leaf,etc...)
3. What do I need to do to get free cards then?
On each pack of cards, there is listed an address for the NPN. (There are different address for Hobby,Retail and Jumbo Packs)
You send in a 3x5 index card with your name and address on it, in a #10 envelope (and for you Canadians, you must answer the skill question) and mail it off to the address given. There is a limit on how many you can send in, so don't go crazy sending in 100 of 'em.
4. What is a #10 envelope?
A #10 envelope is a normal business size envelope. I don't have the measurements at the moment, but will add them at a future date.
5. What kind of cards do I get?
From what I understand, the 3x5 cards get put into a drawing and are pulled on the availability of cards. So, you may not get a card, or you may get multiple cards. Hard to say. You will get one card in the mail in a white bubble envelope. Base cards, SP's, inserts, parallels, refractors, GU, and Auto's can be gotten.
6. Does it have to be a #10 envelope or a 3x5 card?
According to Topps, yes. Simple as that.
7. How fast to I get my cards?
There is a cutoff date for each product (Listed on the packs). Usually 6-8 weeks after the cutoff date is when to expect them.
8. What do I do if I get a Giambi card?
Trade it to me, of course! ;)

That's all for now! I'll add more to it as I think of it....

Good luck to all!
If you go to any store that sells envelopes the box will say #10 envelopes.

I don't understand why this is so hard.

P.S. JJ....yes it's the long ones almost all the mail that arrives in your mailbox is a #10 envelope it's industry standard give or take 1/4 inch.
thanks guys i wasnt sure becuase my mom brings envelopes home from work and we dont have to buy them so i wasnt sure thank you
wait...so it's the long one's right? lol?

I was wondering if the cards are the same as cards pulled from packs? I mean identical, no way to tell them apart...
Yup, no way to tell them apart. Topps probably sets a certain amount of cards to the side for this.

Hope that helps!

Sorry, I'm a little confused. With the 3x5 in the envelope, do you have to send the empty pack of cards (that you got the address from) or not? Thanks.
P.S. i am pretty sure they don't have to be #10 envelopes...i sent all mine in small envelopes and i have gotten 5 back
big city said:
P.S. i am pretty sure they don't have to be #10 envelopes...i sent all mine in small envelopes and i have gotten 5 back

Hmmmm....interesting. They say to use #10 envelopes right on the packs. Oh well.

Bruno said:
And the portuguese paople ? He can send to USA ?

To be honest, I don't have a definite answer on this. I do know that people in Canada have been able to get NPN's, but I do not know about any other countries.

If anybody else has any knowledge on this, please let me know.
In Canada there is supposedly a law that you can't just "win" a contest without doing anything. So they make you answer the math problem right, then you're a "winner".

That's what I've heard, and it's about the most reasonable explanation.

Canadian Law considers NPN's as "taking a chance" - which is - in their minds - a form of gambling. Gambling is illegal in Canada, and this skill question idea is like a legal loophole for companies to use to allow Canadians in on the fun. Answering the question takes out the "chance" of everything. You are either answering the question right, or you are answering it wrong.