Whats your #1 card for the hunt of 2010??

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
like to pick up one more of these....hard to find. 2 came up on ebay and i got one....

also on my hit list is a favre stadium club 91 and 92 rc and 2nd year cards and the pro set lombardi holo card. numbered version (too many non numbered out there)
good luck in your hunt in 2010!
Jacques Lemaire SP auto from the Montreal Canadiens Centennial UD set. Only one has been found and that is only a rumor. Others on my list are the Guy Lapointe (SP), Larry Robinson (SP), Steve Shutt (SP), Rod Langway & Serge Savard autos from the same set. I just want this set finished.
I would really like to finally get the 1973 Topps Schmidt rookie. I only need three cards to finish the set but the Schmidt rookie is the big one.
I may finally pick up that '93 Finest Refractor... unless a 1980 TCMA card or the Aqueous card pops up...
Mets-wise it would be a RC,GU or cut auto of Gil Hodges or a Willie Mays auto. Pujols-wise I don't have any goals really,just keep on keeping on with it. Non-sports-wise I'd really like to complete my Smallville auto master set.
Not really a particular card, but a type of card....I would love to get my first 1/1 for the PC. Ideally a Paul O'Neill but I'd be happy with a decent 1/1 of any of my favorite Yankees.
2008 Topps Mayo Ahmad Bradshaw Harvard Red xx/25

was able to finish off the 2009 including 3 of the 5 silk cards, but have never even seen an xx/25 Harvard from 2008...starting to think Topps has pulled a fast one here.
It is not an impossible card, but it would finish my set.
2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Morneau

Followed close by a Robin Yount auto.

My goal is to finish the 2008 ud heroes auto/jersey/patch collection of Ken Griffey Jr. I have all 6 individual auto's (Purple serial 5, Red serial 10, Beige serial 15, Gray serial #25, Navy Blue serial 35 and Black serial 75). The one auto and patch card serial #25. Three of the four gu jersey and auto ( light blue auto/jersey serial #10, Red auto/jersey serial #25, Navy blue auto/jersey serial #50.......The one that I'm missing is the emerald auto/jersey of Ken Griffey Jr. serial #5!! Happy New Year! David
I don't have just one...


#1 - 1977 Expos Postcards #11 (No Batting Helmet)

#2 - 1978 Expos Postcards #3

#3 - 1982 FBI Discs #8

#4 - 1982 Topps Blackless #540

#5 - 1983 Expos Postcards #7

#6 - 1988 Chef Boyardee #18B (Cubs Listed As 1987 Team)

#7 - 1989 Our Own Tea Discs #14

#8 - 1991 Starshots Pinback Badges #12

#9 - 1993 Red Sox Postcards #9

#10 - 1997 Pinnacle Press Plate Previews #15 /1

I have only seen one of these anywhere, on ebay.. and I got outbid..:mad:

2000 Bowman Chrome Retro/Future Refractor Barry Zito #419