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Hi All
I thought I put this here for now, as I guess this is just card talk.
So, we moved to a new house a year ago or so. I had to pack all the cards I have. So, I loaded up all the 5000 and 3500 boxes, that weren't all ready filled. Then had to fill the single set boxes that were empty. Those I packed into 10x13 boxes. Then, first they were moved into storage units, before being bought to the house and store in a storage shed, will the large boxes were stored and shelving in the garage. And, being real old, forgot what I put where.
Anyhow, looking for something for the wife, found one of the 10x13 boxes of cards and usually are full of either full or partial sets. However, in this box, which did have some partial sets like 1997 SP and 2018 Topps etc. found one box of cards that I had won from a private auction that a guy named Vern had held over the last 15 years or more. Unfortunately, Vern passed away last August and obviously a hole was left in the hobby. But the one box I found has 750 card and about 730 of them are numbered. Has a bunch of more Topps Gold from 2017 to 2019, Bowman and\ Bowman Chrome Green and Blues, a bunch of Donruss Stat cards and more.
Plan to list these on baseball for trade and sell, when I get a chance. But, here's a picture to give you an idea. Thanks for looking, Bob


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That will be a ton of fun for you to sort through. That looks like the back of a Mookie Betts numbered card? Cant wait to see the listings!!


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I can honestly say I thought the ellipsis was going to lead to.....than common sense. And I was going to raise my hand immediately!

But nice find, have fun going through everything!