Where did they go?

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It happens to me all the time. Usually when I find out that a player signs TTM, I look for their card and I cant find any for that player. It is so frustrating.
Talk about frustration.... I can't find a certain relic card I know I have of Dennis Eckersley. I need to organize my collection.... don't worry, you're not the only one!
Yeah, when I first started collecting I put everything in binders sorted by team but now they are all just in boxes in the closet and my nicer cards (autos, jerseys, ect.) are in a different box. :D :D

I try to separate all my cards by teams...but, easier said than done!
There in another pile or fell on the floor or you just mailed them to wrong bench member : ) Best regards, David
I've been looking for a 1989 Pro Set Troy Aikman Auto that my mom purchaed for me off of QVC for about ten years now...I have a picture of it and everything, just can't find the card.

Looks like losing a card.....is alot like looking for that missing sock.....LoL!

Where did it goooooo!