Where do you buy your baseball cards?


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I was just wondering, "Where do you guys buy your baseball cards?'
Recently I have been looking around and I cant find any Bowman cards, or any large sets of Topps.
So, If you guys can tell me where you buy your cards, I will check out those places


have you tried to look at the topps direct site? they are the lease expensive if your going via mail. out here where i am thats all there is as we dont have card shops out here in the sticks. you can also peruse amazon they sometimes have good stuff, and then there is charmcity cards one of the sponsors here, they have a good selection of cards, can be a little more spendy sometimes than topps direct but they may have what you want and get it to ya fast too.


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Hi, I got six packs of Bowman at a local book store called Book World. I went back around a week later and the other 18 were still there and I bought them all. I don't know about Florida but here in Minnesota the Bowman are flying off the shelves but no one knows about the cards at the book store. As for Topps sets, I buy them at the end of the year when they are clearanced. I usually buy retail, our hobby stores aren't the best. Im fine with it, though, as Im a set collector. Hope this helps.


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My local shops are a joke. The guy who seems to keep stuff in stock is $15-$20 higher than anyone else. The other guy is a very cool cat. But is small and I mean small. 5 people in the shot and its elbows and **** holes. So he doesnt buy what he cant move fast. I was buying alot of stuff at Wal-Mart, and recently Ive noticed some Dollar Stores and Dollar Trees are carrying older issues. But its hit and miss, once they are gone it takes forever if ever for them to get new product in. Ive also been buying alot from a local flea market, it one of those thats set up inside and ran like a discount store. Can get everything from vintage to last few years products as well as the occansional bobble head. Ive been looking into setting up a booth to cover the new products but havent decided yet. The hardest thing for me to find is boxes. I got lucky this weekend though and a guy at the flea market had 3 5000ct boxes snatched up all 3.


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I go to a card shop about 5 mins from my house. The lame thing is I buy average 1 box a week of something and I have never been given a deal or a free pack to try. Any of my pals that collect always get deals from there card stores. To top all of it off he then jacks the price up of a product I buy alot of.

As for Target or Walmart I have yet to find any Bowman I call everyday.


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I stopped buying boxes a while back. I never had much luck buying boxes. Only once did I make a really nice pull. I got a Montana auto from a box of upper deck fooball heroes signature. So I gave up no luck with them


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CharmCity has been lucky for me.
Sometimes Target.
Of course,if The Bench is doing a case break,
this can be the best deal.(hope we do a Heritage high this year):)

Trader Rich

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I buy mine at Target or sometimes WalMart.
My local card show is a joke. He caters to game players and his prices are outrageous.
I went in to get some penny sleeves last week and he was selling National Chicle for $4.99 a pack. That is $2.00 a pack more than Target.



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There is a card shop in Oxford,Mass that is fantastic. Got my Topps Series I box there for 51.00 with tax. The guy who runs the shop is fantastic. he gives kids cards for bringing in their report cards with good grades, brings in the Boy Scouts for tours and to tell the about collecting and many other things. has a huge selection of vintage and current stuff in all four major sports as well as non sports stuff. He is just what a card shop owner should be and the only place that I will buy from in this area.


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I wish I had a hobby shop around here but I do not. Target or Wal-Mart carry blaster boxes ($20 usually) and loose packs...I usually go there if a new product is out that I want to try or if I just have the urge to rip open some packs. I also do shopping on ebay, but mainly for single cards. I've never bought a box off of ebay. But plenty of people have without a problem. When I am buying a hobby box I usually buy from blowoutcards.com , dcssportscards.com , or dacardworld.com. Never had any issue with any of these sites.


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I buy most of my stuff on ebay but occaisionally pick up stuff through a few other on-line sites. I also like to purchase from guys on here or other trading sites to a) further my collection and b) help out people that are selling due to bad circumstances.


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Target / Wal-Mart
occasionally my town will have a card show at the mall, too

K-Mart's are pretty good places to get surprised with some half off blaster boxes from time to time, too.


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Hey everyone, thank you all so much on your input. I have used Walmart and Target before they have some nice stuff. I will also be going to the bookstores ASAP because that is a good idea to check out, and hopefully I can make it to the fleamarket and check it out. Amazon, sounds good and I will check out the other online stores. mm1sub, your card shop guy sounds real cool. Next time I travel up to Mass. I will hopefully check that place out.
Again, Thanks everyone!


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Hi Guys
I have one nice shop that will trade me boxes for Padres and Chargers certified autos and occasionally HOF cert autos and there is a local card show every Friday...where I can trade the same or stuff that will sell well on ebay. But, don't get down there too often because of She Who Must Be Obeyed.
Blowoutcards.com usually has decent prices on boxes and cases and they have free shipping over $250 I beleive. They also have weekly specials.

You can occasionally find good deals here https://www.sportscardkids.com/home.php?keep_https=yes
and monthly prices if you spend over $10 Tell them gwynn_fan refered you please

Contest 4 up and running...
Thanks Bob
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I usually purchase from 4 main places. I start off with buying a box or two on ebay. USUALLY (except bowman this year) thats the cheapest place to buy. I then try to buy a box and some supplies from my local shop. He orders through a wholesaler and has some mark up. Also doesnt carry all the products or is limited as to which ones he does. With the economy as it is, he has fallen on tough times as a small business owner and even though it might cost a little more I try to do my part to keep him open for that instant fix box or pack I might need. I always buy blasters (sometimes packs) from retail (Walmart & Target) for that middle of the night fix. Finally after narrowing down my sets to the few cards I need left and trading on The Bench slows I hit SportLots.com to finish out for the OCD in me to complete the set. I agree that Walmart or Target is your best bet for Bowman this year but the odds of a Strasburg out of one of those is out the roof.
Good Luck