Who Sends First

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Jan 20, 2009
Metairie, LA
I have a quick question. I have 13 Bench points and 300+ post. The person im trading with has 6 bench points and about 160 posts. Who sends first? He said since he has never traded with me before he will not send first. When I posted the trade it says he needs to send first. What should I do? Its not that I dont trust him. I just figured since i have more points he should send first.

It's in the FAQs, you both do it at the same time. Only those who are actual suspect traders with a MSF avatar (due to trading problems) have to always send first.
Yes you both send first, the amount of posts dont matter.

Until you reach 20, you send first no matter what unless they have a MSF avatar.
That is correct. If he has a "must send first" avatar then he must send first. If you both have new trader avatars then you both send at the same time.
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