Why do people still do it???

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May 16, 2008
Morton Grove, IL
Just a mini-rant...

why do people still send cards in PWE??? I swear, so far this month i have had:

Lou gehrig gu card sent in a un-taped top loader in a priotity mail envelope...just the envelope (and you know its like 9x12)...no bubble wrap, nothing...card had a ding in the corner

jay bruce auto sent in another un-taped top loader sent in a PWE...don't know if the card came out or not, but the top 2 corners have a slight ding.

Seriously...I know the economy is rough, but pay for the postage of a buble mailer for gosh sakes, esp if its a gu or auto, and seal the top of those toploaders...
Some people do it seal the top with tape....I do it with a rubber band.....if it's tape....the card may become attached to it!!! Had this happen a few times in trades going to me.....Luckly there were only base cards so I normally don't complain. Best regards, David
Its beyond me. Heck I once recieved a Joe Dimaggio 2003 SP Legendary Cuts Cut Auto in a PWE with NO top loader, and the kicker it wasn't damaged. It still baffles my mind to see people ship in PWE I can sort of understand cheap trades or something, but personally I would never use them.
Brad is spot on. PWE + GU = FAIL

Here's what I do as far as PWE's are concerned. I'll ask the other trader if their fine with me using one. If they are, then I take a piece of tape, partially fold in one side so it can be taken off easily, tape both the top and bottom to the inside of the PWE wrapped in a sheet of paper, and I have a red stamp that says, "PHOTO ENCLOSED, DO NOT BEND."

I always tell the trader that if they are using a PWE to please do the same. If a card books for over $10 or or if I'm sending more than 3 cards, it's gotta be in a bubble mailer.

I look at it like this. If the trader is one that either refuses to buy bubble mailers, or at least recycle one's from trades, they are in the wrong hobby. If you can spend $10 on a card or few cards, you can spend $4 at Walmart for a pack of 10 bubble mailers, and $1 - $3 for shipping based on weight.

Anyway, didn't mean to rant on your rant but you have a point. People need to consider that although the card they are sending is no longer theirs, they have to put into consideration that it is being sent to another collector.
Some of my trades are normally for one or two base cards....so in those cases..if the trader ask to mail my end of the trade in PWE. I normally say yes. Larger trades, gu, auto or higher price cards....Bubble envelope! Best regards, David
I do not send it PWEs. I send cards the way I prefer to receive them. I will not tell someone that they must send in a bubble mailer, but if they send it in a PWE, they are taking a chance, not me.
I just had a H.O.F. member send me several cards in a G/H hardcase in a pwe. You guessed it the envelope jammed in the sorting machine all the cards were damaged. I had to file a complaint and then he says he's being pressured to send replacement cards and he won't trade with me again like I did something wrong. This issue has been on this board several times in the past so I feel if you want to send g/h in a pwe, then it's the senders responsibility that the cards arrive undamaged. JMHO Jim
I've sent hundreds of PWEs without incident. Never a GU or higher-end card though, and always something I could replace. Without PWEs, I'd have a much smaller collection, so I use them as much as possible. When done right, it's a much easier and much cheaper trading method.
Wow, a Gherig GU sent in the fashion you described is borderline criminal!! I've sent small, low-end trades in a PWE many times with no problems. Just like sending in bubble mailers, you must package properly. My PWE packaging is similar to waterboy's. I tape the loader shut, tape the loader to the inside of the envelope, and tape the envelope shut. Just sending in a bubble mailer doesn't necessarily mean safety though. Bad packaging, no matter what the vessel, is a recipe for disaster.
I send PWE a lot, but never any GU or Auto, and no more than two cards. I always ask first whether it is okay.

Andrew is right, when PWEs are used correctly, they can be very cheap and efficient. Unfortunately, they are often misused and lead to problems.
i'm not saying PWE doesn't have its place in the trading world...just that it should be with non gu/auto cards...or cards under a $5 bv.

It would also be appreciated if the trader tells me they are going to send in a PWE...
i have been very successfull in sending 1-2 GU/ AU in a PWE. I do however penny sleeve and top load the card, tape the top, tape the loader to a sheet of paper which is tri-folded and slide into the PWE... i guess through all that I should just bubble it up, eh?:rolleyes:
I think PWE's might be ok for low end trades, but not from GU', AU,s SP's etc.
If you can afford to collect and trade, you should be able to afford bubble mailers.

I send PWE a lot, but never any GU or Auto, and no more than two cards. I always ask first whether it is okay.

Andrew is right, when PWEs are used correctly, they can be very cheap and efficient. Unfortunately, they are often misused and lead to problems.

I agree 100%. Lower priced base is fine PWE. Never send a GU or Auto PWE. And always, it must be agreed upon to send PWE.

My 2 cents.....Paul
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