WWE Diva IP/Gift From Friend

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Apr 25, 2006
As I have mentioned in other posts, a friend of mine in Ohio, is a huge wrestling card collector and often sneds me signed cards from events he attends.This time it wasnt a wrestling event, but a personal apperance by WWE Diva Gail Kim. He sent me a signed and personalized 8 x 10 and 2 signed cards, a Fleer 2004 "Divas 2005" #26 and a 2009 Topps #52.The Topps didnt produce a great signature due to gloss on the card, my friend said Gail tried to wipe it down on her pants to help the signature.Interesting appearance.
Thanks.Yeah.He helps me with all the lastest wrestling cards sets as well.
Someone could make a snide joke about wanting to wipe something else on Gail Kim's pants, but I digress. I'd rather have her phone number than her signature. Congrats though.
Gail Kim is awesome. It's a shame that they don't use her properly but hey, WWE is the number one company so they can do what they want. Congrats on the successes