Your Dream Card

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Oct 14, 2007
What would your dream card be? it can go up to 6 players on a card(a foldout). What would you want. I've thought it over i've come up with Ruth/Gehrig/Mantle/Clemente/Mayes/Williams. 36 piece card foldout 1/1 ,but i've got more ideas too.. What are yours?
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Babe ruth/ Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Joe Montana QUAD PATCH 0/0!!!!
A folding card including a buyback T206 with cut auto, GU button and tooth for Honus Wagner.

Actually that is goofy, although someone would want and think up something like that for a "dream" card. I can rattle of tons of crazy combo/au/gu cards that could be made with little concern for reality and the key ingredient, MONEY!!!

My dream card right now is the 1972 Topps Venezuelan Stamp of Garvey. It exists and I don't have one and it's relatively "AFFORDABLE" as the last one, shown below, sold for $555 on ebay!!

A re-make of that 1991 Upper Deck card of the Astros rookies, but replace Bagwell and Gonzo with Meulens and Brito, along with Tuffy, in their 1996 Yakult, Nippon Ham and Kintetsu uniforms, all pointing their bats at the camera.
4 card auto of thes players
tom brady / larry bird / manny ramirez / paul pearce

all mvps on newengland championship teams
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Only big $$ real card on my hit list right now is a Brooks Robinson Rookie.

As for custom (imaginary) cards.
Jim Presley/Spike Owen/Dave Valle/Ken Phelps/Ray Quinoes/Mickey Brantley
Actually, now I may have to hit Brett (daktion) up for a custom of the guys I collect
Manny Ramirez
Rico Petrocelli
Dwight Evans
Bill Mueller
Drew Bledsoe
Cam Neely
my dream card is the 2008 triple threads fold out card of Dravid Wright auto/gu and Ryan Howard auto/gu. its a very nice card! wish i can get it.
I'd love to get my hands on a Jeter/A-Rod/Ripken triple on-card autograph one day.

Maybe this thread should be retitled "If you were rich...." lol