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    Sold my collection...getting out of collecting...

    Just an update on this...the guy who has these is now at 92/102 completed and has just 10 more to go!
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    Estate sale purchases

    Great score! 90s Screwdowns and Snaptights = ugh!
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    Story I wrote for Sports Collectors Daily

    very cool story
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    Sold my collection...getting out of collecting...

    ...no silly not my Mark Brunell collection, but this set (below). Since 2005, I have bought and sold 100s from the 2004 SP Legendary Cuts Significant Fact Memorabilia Set which are all serial #1/1. Although each card is indeed a #1/1, the print run for each card was anywhere from 5 to 99...
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    Happy to say, that I accepted a Job offer to work for COMC. I start Tuesday!!!!

    Brian, Please pass my concerns along to COMC's hierarchy. In less than a week it will be October and COMC is still screwed up beyond belief...I had over a hundred different searches before the problems with Beckett happen. At this point, neverly SIX Months later, less than 1/2 of the searches...
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    My Newest Peyton Manning In College Uniform Finds!

    Awesome collection...sorry you have to sell it off tho :(
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    Why I Will NOT Accept Another Trade Involving PWEs

    Honestly, the only time PWE should EVER be used is if the card is EASILY replacable by the sender! Otherwise, opt for a bubble mailer for protection.
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    Happy to say, that I accepted a Job offer to work for COMC. I start Tuesday!!!!

    The site is still a huge mess right now...what's the honest/realistic time frame for all cards to be correcfly id'ed??? Searching for specific cards/insert sets is impossible right now.
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    Retail 1/1 Cut Auto Pull!

    Beautiful cards and what a great HIT!
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    Collecting Goals for 2014!

    1. Organize my collection by year and set and create AND maintain a master list! 2. Find 5 cards off my wantlist!
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    How cards are made

    really cool thanks!
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    Best card chatter these days

    Wow...everyone has hit most of the key points of the sites listed so far. Blowout - flame/bullying/troll heaven. FCB - mainly baseball SCF - decent for trading, but not much in the way of discussions CU - 90% talk on graded, unopened and wrestling cards. TheBench - used to be my goto for "card...
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    eBay non paying buyer

    Leave the "positive" feedback (ie: "buyer did not pay") BEFORE closing out the non paying case. I keep forgetting to do that as well. It helps just a bit when you realise the buyer has a history of non paying.
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    I offer you fair market value for your collection... do you sell?

    To answer the OP's main question, you have see what your TRUE intention of your "PC" is. If you honestly enjoy what you collect AND are financially secured, then it's a simple "NO". If you ever elvaluate/re-evaluate your interest level in your PC OR money is tight or in need, then I would...