2024 March Madness Contest

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If you had asked me after the Sweet 16 to name the one ACC school that would be in the Final Four, it would not have been NC State. What an amazing run they are on. Once Carolina got knocked out, had a sick feeling in my stomach that Duke would somehow end up winning it all - they had about as easy a path to get there as you could ever get.

Only team I have left is Connecticut - and I have them winning it all. Still a handful of folks that have a shot.
I picked Purdue to win it all this year. That is a long shot because Uconn looks really good. But I went with Purdue because I think they seemed like they were on a mission after getting bounced in the 1st round last year. I also think that Edy is lot to handle in the middle. Hopefully if they play Uconn the 3's will be falling and Edy can get a few guys in foul trouble.
It was a great tournament. I picked UConn but was expecting a better showing by Purdue

Looks like you were the winner - shoot me a message with what you collect and I will put a prize package together for you.

Your intrepid host put up a valiant fight to retain his cards but fell short in the end with a T2 finish.

Does UConn truly now have the third most titles, tied with UNC @ 6, behind only Kentucky and UCLA?
Looks like it. My main collection is baseball Hof but also collect cubs and bears. I got lucky. When Kentucky lost I thought I did too. Thanks for the contest and I don't really need a prize it was a fun contest