AL Central Power Rankings


4.90 star(s)
Kansas City Royals #1
Starting Pitching doesn't take much to figure out possibly the best in the BSL with R.Clark/Flores coming back from DL soon/Waters/Harris
Bullpen a very good bullpen but not elite. If I had to pick a weakness for this club this might be it but that is getting picky considering Stevens/Powers/ Benetiz some others on the roster.
Offense Collins/Torres/Dominguez I can't really elaborate on that we all know there going to win a lot of games every year.
System with guys like Davis/Massey as SP's and Tim Toolman Taylor/Hodges/Clement and a lot of others talent hard to argue should be a top flight system.

Detroit Tigers
Starting Rotation has some good talent with Fletcher/May ect. In the long haul of the season I see them finishing 2nd.
Bullpen has a few studs in it and the rest our average overall should do ok.
Offense overall isn't great but if a couple guys like Harper/Allen/and Bravo produce like usual it should be enough to chase a wild card spot
System is very nice overall due to a nice amount of pitching prospects

Chicago White Sox
Starters Ed Reed/Carl Nelson/N.Dixon/M.Simmons is a nice rotation but not nice enough in my opinion just yet to unseat KC but could flip flop with Detroit.
Bullpen has a couple of nice arms but overall isn't scary.
Offense Cortes/Ortega just keep going bombs away some big time power threats and 3B Garcia is a capable contributor along with a power hitting catcher scoring not a problem
System has a couple of decent prospects but most have been called up in the past couple seasons and needs some improvement to be anything more then a avg at best system.

#4 Cleavland Indians
Starters are very good on this team a lot of talent there maybe hasn't clicked yet but that's the reason why I put Indians ahead of the Twins.
Bullpen not great could use some improvement probley gonna cost the team a lot of wins.
Offense not a great offense some guys always seem to produce decent numbers like N.Kane and the 3B Sims is a nice player. Some other guys who could over perform but I don't see it being enough to compete just yet.
System is far from something to write home about but have to call it atlest average when you have a guy with the talent of Steve Doss sitting down there Indians pitching has a very very bright future.

#5 Minnesota Twins
Rotation the addition of Kershaw is nice but not nice enough as the others SP's right now dont' really impress me a ton but there are a couple of solid guys who seem to under perform.
Bullpen some solid relievers but no one that is going to shutdown some of the AL power houses.
Offense Harmon/Murphy/Colon some nice hitters and some others but overall not going to make up for the pitching woes but should be a decent offense.
System has a couple of studs including a big time SP and a big bat I see a couple of other solid prospects that should put them a top 10 system probley.


5.00 star(s)
The way the White Sox are hitting right now, I think they have some serious Wild Card potential. Good recap - starting pitching is pretty mediocre for CHW, but with that offense, this team could go places. Slugging Pct is tremendous - nobody is even close to 83 HR on the season! I think the farm system stinks - hoping to sign some FAs since I don't think too many of the prospects will pan out for the pale hose.

I need a little CPU luck to continue and maybe they'll have a shot one of these days if KC ever has a down year.