Bench 1.0 Draft thread...take a look!


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Should we create transactions for this? Seems like a good way to track plus everyone gets a rating out of it.

Thought of that, but since the cards are going to a moderator (not me), it would just create another layer of can reach out to Andy (katester44), it makes more sense for him since he is holding the cards


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yeah and

Bench 1.0 Draft thread...take a look!​

You can rread it all but I cut and pasted the part that would answer your question best.

For the first try at this looking for an initial group of 8 to 12 traders. We can do it with less just to work out the kinks, but probably no more than 15 the first time.


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13 are signed up from what I can see I would be 14 so what your telling me you will go with 13 but not 14?
But then someone else may ask, "why not 15, it you have 14". It would be an on going battle. It's the same concept with David K's contests. If you decide to pick a number, but David already had a winner, does anyone say it's not fair, because they didn't get a chance to pick a number? This is the first attempt at this type of thing and if it is successful, there will be many more. Not trying to start an argument or throw fuel on the fire to expand an inquiry. With that being said, if you want my spot at 12, you are more than welcome to take it and I'll jump in on the next one. Let me know and I'll ask for the change.



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Thanks to Dave (PRosefan1) for his feedback while creating this!

I would like to give this a try. It is the first ever Bench card draft, officially call Bench Draft 1.0. It’s a way to move cards around that you don’t want, for the shot at cards you do want. You will mail your draft contributions (criteria below) to the moderator. Once all cards are received, the draft order will be determined and the draft will begin. There will be five rounds where you take your choice of cards “on the board”. At the end you will receive an envelope with the draft cards you have chosen.

Here is how it works…


Any member in good standing can join. Good standing is defined as a member with at least a 4.0 trader rating, and a minimum of 10 trades, and no complaints or mailing issues. The process will start once we get enough participants. For the first try at this looking for an initial group of 8 to 12 traders. We can do it with less just to work out the kinks, but probably no more than 15 the first time.

Card Criteria:

Send cards that you do not want. Minimum book value according to Becketts OPG of the card is $15, and maximum is $40. I have Becketts OPG for baseball and football. If you are contributing another sport, we may need help verifying values. Looking for your lot to be a minimum of $100, and a maximum of $200 book value for the five cards.

Will accept any card type of the four major sports (baseball, football, basketball and hockey). Let’s avoid non-sports cards and graded first time around. We can always tweak the rules for the second version. The card must be in good shape. Doesn’t have to be grade-able, but certainly no dog ears, flaking, rips, tears, etc.


Once we have our participants you will then pack up your 5 donated cards and mail them. Cards should be well packaged, in an individual hard case and mailed in a bubble mailer.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you mail your cards, you must include your return mailing address and $5 cash to cover costs (or a SASE bubble mailer with postage applied) so we can ship your draft picks back to you.

Once we have enough participants you will have 10 days to ship your cards to the moderator. If cards are NOT received within a two-week time frame, you will be dropped from the participant list.


To save from having to type descriptions for the contributions, you will PM the moderator the list of cards you are mailing with the book value of the card in this format…

2000 Aurora #84 Tom Brady RC (SN if applicable) ($ BV)

The list will be collated, and once all cards are received, all draft cards will be posted in the chat room.

Draft pick order:

We will use a randomization website to determine the draft order for who picks first, second, and so on.

The draft:

By popular demand, this will be a snake draft. Whomever has the first pick in round 1 gets first choice of all the cards submitted. Each pick after that gets choice of the cards that are still “on the board”. Each round will continue until all cards are chosen.

Time limits:

I realize most of us have other commitments. If we do not put a time limit it will take a long time and kill the excitement. Will start at 8:00 AM, and give each "team" 6 hours "on the clock" to pick a card. We will close the draft each night at 11 PM. The moderator will post the next person to choose and state when their window of time is up. In the event you miss your time slot, the next “team” can pick, and you can pick whenever you can from what is left. Once all cards in all rounds have been chosen, cards will be put back into envelopes and returned to you.

Draft pick trading:

Just like in the NFL draft, participants are allowed to trade draft picks to move up or down to potentially get a specific card. All trades will be listed in the chat and both parties must confirm.

I am sure I may have forgotten something, or missed a detail. If you see something, say something. I will do my best to edit the rules as quickly and fairly as I can.

1. NEPatriotsFan

2. PRosefan1

3. newguy338

4. christopher.galle

5. bengyax

6. LarryG

7. Steelers8873

8. Rabs

9. GotMelky

10. peaceandlove (withdrew)

11. Dashcol

12. Chavezforprez

I would like to


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It looks like the person in one spot dropped out. PM NEPatriotsfan and see if he will open it up. Its up to him.


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I am updating the list as teams send me their draft contibutions some nice stuff so far thanks
I thought we were supposed to send our lists Katester44? Aren’t they the one who will be doing all of the handling of cards and randomizing of lists to be fair?

The OP says that lists will be sent to the mod.

Or are you the one who will be handling the listing of cards?