Blowout Cards Question

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Jun 12, 2006
I typically order all of my hobby boxes from either Charm City Cards or eBay, but I was just comparing prices for 2010 Topps Heritage. This is what I found...

Charm City Cards - $69 w/ FREE shipping $149 and over
Dave & Adams - $66 w/ FREE shipping on orders over $150
Blowout Cards - $59.99 w/ FREE shipping on orders over $99

The obvious choice is Blowout Cards, but I have never ordered from them.

What has been your experience with orders from Blowout Cards?
BOC is all over the place with their prices, but if you can catch them with whatever you want on sale you can get some great deals....I have ordered stuff from them several times and they have always been great for me.

Only problem is that lots of times they don't post the prices on the web and you have to call or email to order...not really a big fan of that...and also, sometimes you will order something and go to get a couple of more boxes and the price will change with A&G it was changing $20+ every few days for a while there...not sure why that much in a short time...and the 08 UD Heroes went from $50 a box to $75 a box overnight last week....not sure what it is now. You just have to shop around on their prices...but when they are good, they are good....service is always great.
I had the same question when I saw an amazing deal on a box of 07-08 SP Rookie Threads basketball, but I took the chance and had a good experience. Box arrived in a timely fashion, and I had some great pulls.

Do you all recommend that I order my 2010 Heriatge boxes now or wait a little longer?

They will probably go down in a couple of months.. but why wait.. you may get something good you can sell now and will get more for it now rather than a couple of months from now! ;)

I was looking for a while at Heritage on the other sites and their prices have already went up by $3-$5 a box just a couple of days ago.I had to email blowout because they were showing only 2 boxes left on sunday.They replied and told me they are now restocked online.So these must be selling pretty good..As far as going down in price from what I've seen Heritage usually goes up after release and pretty much stays up..just my 2cents..
Personally I would pay the extra for Dave and Adam's. I have never ordered anything and not gotten something extremely nice.
I brought from them on eBay and their website...No problems! The only problem that I had with them....mailed 104 gu and auto by priority mail...delievery confirm and insured it....was losted...USPO claimed it was delivered and Blowouts claimed they never got it....Finally collected the money from the USPO ins.! Best regards, David
I love Blowoutcards. That is actually the only place I order from when given a choice. I'm in the 2day delivery range so its great.
blowout is pretty good. I have gotten several cases from them in the past. Chris (the owner) is pretty good about packaging and fast shipping with UPS. Although recently I have been more inclined to go with Atlantasportscards ( You can call/e-mail and negotiate a little on the prices. For example a box you want is $50 you can offer $45 and more often than not they will take it.

I've dealt with Blowout quite a bit recently. They are very prompt with their shipping and it has always come well packaged. Plus, if they ship it today, I get it tomorrow with UPS Ground because they are only about 75 miles from me.

I've just ordered something from Dave and Adam's, so I'm hoping for a good experience there.
I've ordered cases and boxes from Dave & Adam's, Blowout and Atlanta Sports Cards. As far as prices, Blowout is cheaper on 90% of all boxes and cases I've ordered (especially if you order during their weekend specials). I've had excellent service from Chris and Pat at Blowout, and now exclusively order from them. One thing that really turned me off from Dave & Adam's is their refusal to budge on any of their prices. Blowout will match any site's prices and will give you a discount if placing a large order.
Well I ordered 3 boxes of 2010 Topps Heritage from Blowout Cards. Thanks again to everyone that commented.