bowman chrome boxes on ebay. gives me an idea

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Apr 18, 2006
naugatuck CT
Please help.

ive noticed boxes of 2010 bowman chrome are on ebay(pre sell obviously) and some people are getting 130-150 for boxes that are still 85-95 online. i was thinking of putting my boxes online and then just keep buying with the money i make. so if i sell one for 150 id buy another for 95 and pocket the extra 55 and then put the new one up on ebay. i feel like this would enable me to make much more money since i could keep on buying as i sold. right now i have 4 boxes and its looking like thats what im stuck with unless i do this. i could sell all 4 for close to 600 now and then buy 4 more and pocket 200 bucks and put the new 4 up on ebay and keep doing that. what do you guys think of this idea? im asking because A- im not sure if its against ebay rules i dont think it is because many people are doing it and B- it will probably be difficult to keep straight until october and was hopeing someone with experience doing this could help because it seems like it could enable me to make much more money this way.

also ive heard some people say they dont think they will get the full amount they had purchsed. someone said they bought two cases expecting to get 1. im not sure if they think distributors are going to oversell production? but what do you guys think of that possibility because that would really suck if i had to refund a bunch of buyers because in not getting my boxes.

so far ive listed up 2 of the 4 boxes ive ordered and was thinking that maybe i would list up half my order(i will order more as i sell some this summer) thinking that i should at least get half my order and that way i will still have the boxes to ship out if i dont get my full order.

im really looking for some input from members who have done stuff like this and what you think of the idea.
it took me a minute to realize you were talking about my sig i read your post like 10 times before i figured it out lol. But i agree with you wholeheartedly about our true heroes not the guys like lebron james and albert pujols who the media tries to make heroes but our true heroes.
someone here did that same thing with a case break a while back and got in hot water when he didn't get what he ordered....i personally would not sell anything i dont have in hand...I'd also make a separate sellers account paypal and ebay if you plan on doing that sort of thing because if things go wrong you will not be able to get on paypal or ebay and that would suck.
everyones against this idea and im starting to lean against it a little. i do have my 2 boxes on ebay right now and ill probably see if i can sell those. i still think it could work if i only sell half my order but im not sure.
Too many ways an idea like that could end up biting you. Not getting the right amount in, price changes in the market, etc. I wouldn't do it myself but good luck to you:)
im starting to agree with everyone the more they say it lol. i think ill leave my 2 on ebay and try to sell those and then leave it alone.
so ebay removed my listings because the item has to be available for shipment within 30 days of auction ending. so thank you ebay for making my desicion for me lol. konel if your interested in buying one send me a pm.