Cal Ripken Laundry Tag - Real ?

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Looks legit to me. Card companies sometimes put laundry tags in upside down, inside out or both. And, if he faked it, he would most likely have other questionable cards, which to me he doesnt. Hopw that halped!

Robbie & Becka
looks legit to me as well. I don't know much about faking patches but he has pretty great feedback and I don't think he'd risk it for a Cal Rikpen fake laundry tag lol. Could be wrong though.
Earlier Fleer releases that include patches have some really awesome stuff in them that is indeed legit. It's always hard to know 100% sure but I wouldn't be led to believe this isn't real.
Thanks for the responses !

It's a shame the card companies don't do a better job of letting us know everything that's in their products.
I usually go with my first gut instinct with these stuff, and gut say it's real.