COMC's policy for items listed incorrectly


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What is COMC's official policy on buying a card that's listed incorrectly? Once the transaction is done, it's done, and the seller that listed it is out of luck. That's what I came away with from the terms of service. I bought some cards that I found listed incorrectly and COMC locked them then bought them back from me without any notice. Plus, I paid cash/paypal, and they gave me store credit in return. I've bought mis-listed things numerous times before and had them shipped to me no problem.
I'd love to hear from anyone who's had any experience with this. Either as a buyer or a seller.


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What do you mean by "listed incorrectly?" Are we talking about mispriced items or items that COMC did not identify correctly?

Also, you can get your cash/Paypal refunded to you by going to the Cash Out page and selecting "Request a Refund" assuming the funds were added in the last thirty days.