Do you prefer Buy it now or auctions?

Hawaiian BamBam

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Do you prefer Buy it now or auctions on EBAY? I like buy it now because sometimes i see an item i like on EBAY but dont want to wait 7 days until the auction is over. it is nice to just buy what i want right away with buy it now instead of waiting for an auction to end. which do you prefer? thanks

Dave Lima

i hear ya. i too can go either way. a lot of the time though the BIN auctions are set at a higher price i like to do my due diligence and check prices sometimes the prices are way out there sometimes they are pretty good. really depends on ho2w bad i want or need the item too.


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Not related to your original question, but some feedback. I know you have sought feedback about selling on ebay, so here is my comment.

I preface this with the statement that I don't expect anything but the item I purchased. By that I mean I don't expect a new top loader, sleeve, team bag or any of the "extras" some people provide. I am happy with recycled supplies as long as they are properly protecting the card or item.

That said, I would suggest you mark your items on the sleeve rather than the top loader. In the last batch of items I won from you, it was a shame to see the new top loaders essentially ruined with the inventory stickers. Like I said, I don't expect new and it didn't affect my buying habits or what I personally thought of you as a seller, but if you are going to use new top loaders, I would suggest not putting stickers on them and just put the stickers on the soft sleeves. A new top loader may be that little extra that brings buyers back for more. Maybe the stickers come off with a little elbow grease, but at first attempt it didn't look promising so I tossed them into my recycled supplies bin. It is not worth the time to try to salvage.


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as a buyer , i highly prefer auctions since they USUALLY end far lower than the majority of BIN listings of similar items (though there are definitely some BIN bargains to be found if one is patient),,,as a seller , i am even more strongly in favor of listing items in the BIN/BO , new items notwithstanding , it often takes a bit longer for an item to sell , but almost invariably it brings in ore than an auction....

David K.

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I like both ways......if its a good bin...I'll click on it or contact the seller to see if he'll take a lower offer....If it auction, I'll place a max bid and if I lose....I lose. Best regards, David


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I'm with you ^^^...this 3 buck shipping for a single card is just ridiculous.I usually will not go for those.Also,you hafta watch for sellers that don't offer combined shipping...I also,like the the BIN/BO option more because I can't sit up for some of the later ending auctions,nor want to wait 5-7 days to see it unfold.(and I also get a little bit crazy during the last minute one click bids...BWAAAHAHAHA )