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Apr 18, 2006
naugatuck CT
i recently bought a lot of 11 strasburg bowman base cards graded bccg 10 for 260. they were sellling for 60-70 a few weeks ago and have cooled down a lot of 2 just went for 70 so an individual one would probably go for 35-40 which still gives me a 100 dollar or more profit so im happy about that. i have them on a BIN w BO but id rather auction them and have less fees taken out. my question to you is what would you do. would you auction all 11 at once putting the auctions maybe 5 minutes apart? or would you put 1-2 up at a time and then put 1-2 more up when those are done? i dont want to saturate the market and drive prices down by listing all 11 but i dont know if that would happen so what would you do in this situation?
If you list all at once you'd likely get lower prices, at least until the last one or two cards. If I was looking for a specific card I know I wouldn't bid my max if I saw there were eight more coming right behind it.

I've been selling off a box of 1973 wacky packages posters wax packs and only put them up two at a time and usually wait a week or two between listings.
Id think Id wait as well. Id probably list 1-2 and then watch how well he does on the field. I wouldnt list more than a couple at a time unless he follows those listing up with a very solid game. I just feel if he is K'in 5-6 guys and get the L or ND. Some guys will hold off to see what happens next. But then if he K's close to or more than 10 and get the W Id suspect some of those guys would suddenly be looking again. And the more people looking for those cards the higher you bids should go.
yea i was thinking listing them at once would be a bad idea. i see a couple just sold for 50 BIN so im going to keep all 11 of mind up until probably sunday at least and hope a few get hit.
im not looking to hold onto them until eventually happens im selling them now but im trying to decide how to go about it.