Fire in the Hole!


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All of these years doing TTM's and sometimes you miss one of the greats..usually you don't realize until it is to late. I saw someone have a success with Mr. Trucks the other day on here and I have had this old Bowman card laying around on my desk forever meaning to send it...figured I should get it out while I still can.

Mr. Trucks has been one of the best TTM'ers EVER for years...I wish more players would be like him. I was happy to just get the vintage card signed for my son, but he went all out and sent me 2 of his own, a personal note, and a stat sheet...everything signed.

His writing is looking as though the years are starting to take a toll on will be a sad day when he is no longer around...great guy.





5.00 star(s)
awesome success i got him last year and i sent two index cards he signed both of them and also sent me a letter and two cards...really great guy


Trucks threw some serious heat back in the day. You have to wonder just how bad the '52 Tigers were. He won only 5 games in 1952. Three of his wins were shut outs & two were no hitters. His ERA was a respectable 3.97. Did they have seriously trouble scoring runs? You bet! Only ONE player had more than 51 RBI, and that was Walt Dropo who had 70 RBI. That had to have been one tough season in the motor city, but Virgil was awesome!


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Great guy. Last year I purchased his book, good read. He personalized the inside cover to me. Congrats on getting one of the best TTM's. I love how he takes the extra time to get out a red pen for "fire" and then places a stamp under it. Haven't seen any one else do anything like that.

- Chris