Found an odd ink variation I believe - Reggie Sanders 1994 Donruss


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Bought some cheap boxes to rip today and pulled this. i was lucky to even notice it, but the grey box caught my eye when i opened the pack. Sure enough, it was not right and the correct version has the black box. The rest of the back has a washed out look too, as there is a lack of black ink all around. No other cards in the box looked like this. For those of you with organized cards, see if you have this or others like it.



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Even the red is way off. I would wonder if they were a test issue or if they were printed for sale out of the U.S. . They could have been a warehouse find after Donruss went belly up.


A test issue is a possibility. Odd that it would find it's way into a pack for distribution, but stranger things have happened. Most likely that run for that card was low on ink. Instead of being discarded it found it's way into a pack. Either way, it's a nice find!