GU in top loader + PWE + USPS sorting machine = FAIL

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Aug 4, 2008
newberry sc
the following picture demonstrate exactly why i NEVER ship a card - even a 5 cent common - in a pwe....

first , as the item was found in my mail box today :

next , the envelope as seen from the front after removal from the usps damaged item baggy :

and finally from the back :

note the envelope is so severely shredded they had to put a rubber band around it to secure the contents....

this was actually a light-damage trade in which the card was described as having a tiny crease near the jersey window....thanks to the mail sorters there was a second crease there as well as a small gouged spot on the back....frankly i think i got very lucky at the minimal amount of extra damage done , but the condition of the package itself is clear evidence that rigid/thick envelopes should NEVER be sent as standard 1st class mail set to go through the sorting machines.....
I agree with the PWE issue in your posting. A GU in a small envelope like that is asking for trouble. But look at the pics below, the P.O. can do the same damage to anything. For the most part they don't but when it hits home it always hurts. I do send single low BV cards in my version of the PWE. I use the largest envelope the P.O. allows for a $.44 stamps. It is 4 3/4" by 11". I put the card in the bottom center of the envelope in a top loader wrapped in a copy of the trade and the add a piece ot tape to hold it in place. The one thing I do not know as what they looked like when they arrived at their destination. So if any of you get them from me let me know in what shape they arrived .



not from you jax , but i too have received a few bubble mailers with similar damage....2 shredded very much like yours , plus one that was completely bent in half (the psa jordan was literally bent in half when the case snapped right across the middle - still have that one tucked away here in a box somewhere - and the mailer arrived in my box folded in half and rubber-banded together to be sure it stayed that way) ...also got one that had what was an obvious tire-track on the entire back side of the mailer and i don't mean a bike tire...can't count the number i've received with shoe prints on them either....
You have to pay the .20 or .22 to have it mailed as non-machinable. Then it will get hand sorted! But wow on both them pics!! :eek: