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Vlad's Impaler!

5.00 star(s)
Feb 14, 2009
Rochester, NY
I recently purchased this Don Mattingly. It is a Star'88 and I remember that they used to make Basketball in the 80's but never remember seeing any baseball product during those years. When I came across this card I had to have it just because of that. This card has nothing printed on the back. So with that said, can anybody help out with any further info and value?


I would guess it is part of the 1987 Star Mattingly Blank Back 6-Card Set. Here's a link to it on Beckett. Each of the 6 cards book for 50 cents. Hope this helps. Jeremy
If it was a 1987 card I'm pretty sure it would say 87 not 88.

Looks to me like it's a 1988 Star '88 Promo. Big book says they're identical to the regular cards, with star '88 on top right corner, except they're blank back. It lists there being two different Mattingly's.
I have a check list of Mark Grace cards which show 'Star' brand from 1988 to 1991.
Apparently the had quite a few numbers for each player and had several variations