Hi from Down Under!!!


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Hey guys,

Aussie collector here from Melbourne, Australia. This seems like a pretty cool site, already found a few things I need and have sent some PM's to buy some stuff, so great to knock some things off the never-ending needlist.
So I found you guys from a site called Hoop Royalty. I'm a bit of a different collector, no players and only collecting stuff from the mid 90's so its a bit hard to find what I need...

I am collecting one newer set, that is the Upper deck SE 2003-04 Die Cut set, I have finished the 93/94 and the 07/08 set just need 5 more cards from 03-04 to complete my favourite set of all time(send me a PM str8 away if u have Garnett, Duncan, Payton, Brand or Nowitski and i'll send u some $$$)

Anyways guys hope to get the trade rating off to a flying start, I have over 80 feedback scores from 3 other sites, so looking forward to trading here!!!



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Hello, down there. I'm a big fan of fellow countryman Ryan Rowland-Smith and have even started a small collection of him. He sure threw well last night.


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Welcome aboard Matey
You will enjoy it here on "THE PINE"
So let the tradin begin


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Welcome, there are a few of us setbuilders, but not many for basketball. Best of luck, check my site out if you think you can help.