How can they do that !!

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Jan 15, 2008
Orion Arm
Hey all,.,..
I am going to rant a bit here,.and considering the subject matter I may even get a warning,..but here I go.
I just had someone give me a update on a card price from Becket on-line.It was 50.00 lower then what is published in their June/July quarterly price guide.I have another card that is listed 80.00 lower on-line then in there paper guide.
How can Becket sell a false price guide that is not updated !! Now I realize that prices fluctuate but both these cards do not fall into that.I truly believe that this practice is false and misleading and maybe even against the law.
I didn't spend 10.00 on a book to be lied too,and it just burns me.I never liked Becket and the games they play,..

I'm done ranting,..
The hard copy is printed a month in advance I believe and the online version is updated more often. It's the nature of the beast when dealing with beckett. I have an online subscription and I still buy the hard copy when a new one comes out. It sucks, but you have to deal with it.

Here's a example,.
1998 Topps Gold Label Home Run Race Red Label Griffey
This card has been listed at 160.00 for years but someone tells me that that it is "currently" listed at 80.00.There is no reason for this card price to fall "Suddenly" in the last month,..its not like there are black arrows pointing down across the board on this subset,..I believe they are not updating the price guide.
They still don't have 2008 Topps Chrome X-Fractors listed at all either,after two years.I'm not ranting about the price's dropping either.I just think that is false and misleading (as I said before) and it's wrong to do that.
It's obvious that all they care about is the money going into their coffers and who cares about their creditability,..The recent Stasburg grading is also a good point.
Isn't there laws about a company having a responsibility to their customers.,.or should I treat it now like the tabloids that say that the Earth is going to blow up next week,..

Edited for more ranting,.
I also think about 2 years from now when all the new listings are Topps product and whats going to happen then.I may be crazy but I am sure there have been calls and E-Mails going on between these two companies.Things are changing within the hobby and I believe that it's important that that both these companies hold on to their creditability.Action speaks louder then words and sometime money talks,but as a collector this area brings me great concern,.
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That and most of the prices aren't in line with what sells for anyway. Your card is Griffey and presumably a tough one... bet it would sell for about what the old value was (or more).