I'm new here, want to introduce myself

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Jan 27, 2010
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I've already posted a thread, but I think this forum is the correct location, so here goes!

Just thought I'd introduce myself to those who don't know me. Some of you may know me from the 8 years or so I put in on beckett until that whole fiasco, since I've been a member of freedom card board since day one, and I've heard nothing but good things about this site so I thought I'd come check it out.

I'm a Kirby Puckett supercollector and currently working on my goal of 1,000 Puckett Rookies. Happy to say that I'm at about 90% of my goal. Also have personal collections of Bert Blyleven, Ted Williams, Early Wynn, and pre 1986 Rookies.

I like to think that I'm knowledgable when it comes to alot of aspects of this hobby, so I'm looking forward to helping out just as much as I am to learning even more.

Just thought I'd pop in and say hey so I'm not just a stranger posting in threads.

Thanks for the read,

Hello Andy. Give this Site a try, you will be happy here.
Kevin in CT.
Andy...Welcome to The Bench. I think you'll find this a great site to trade.

- Mike
I don't think my Puckett collection is quite as comprehensive as yours..yet! But it has grown very quickly (and continues to) thanks to all the great members of The Bench!
Hi Andy! Welcome to The Bench! Former Beckett Board Member and HOF member for 2007. Best regards, David