Jacoby Ellsbury IP success

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Jan 17, 2010
Fort Myers, Florida
Today was the last day that Ellsbury was on a rehab assignment with the GCL Red Sox in Ft. Myers, Florida. So, I decided to go and get a card signed. I showed up at 10:30 and two other guys greeted me saying that Jacoby had just walked by and said that he would sign after he ate. So, at 12:00 Ellsbury came out a side door and said to us, I will sign after the game. By this time I had gotten to know the other 2 guys there. One was trying to get another bottle of ZinfandEllsbury (a wine that has a photo of Ellsbury on the cover) signed again. The 2nd guy is going to turn himself in on Friday, for a 40 day jail sentence. Anyway, I left and came back at 1:30 and waited around until 3:00, when Jacoby came out of the clubhouse, did 2 interviews and signed and personalized one of whatever we had waited for 5 hours for him to sign. I forgot to mention that at first he did not come to sign for us, and me with the other 2 guys had to get over a low fence and get around his security guard (who seemed nice) just to catch up with him!
I am now realizing that it was alot simpler when I got his sig as a rookie, But I will call today a good day because I got nothing in my mailbox! And I was happy to get something! - Thanks for reading :)