LOL, I just got in Joe Morgan's shorts....skid marks....

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May 11, 2006
20 minutes away from Busch Stadium, home of the St
Wait, what did I just say, LOL? I just got a box from the USPS gal who delivers my mail, and inside were Joe Morgan's sliding shorts. Picked these up on an auction as part of a lot. They actaully display nicely (given you are displaying another man's USED shorts), much better than these photos.



Yes, the letter is signed as well. I got a letter for each item. Within the lot there was a pair of game used pants signed, the sliding shorts signed, two signed batting gloves, and a pair of game used stirrups. Each came with a letter that was also signed in blue ink from Joe.

I should have bought the spikes as well, as there were two pair. They went reasonable. But the jersey went too high for me.
Definitely something any die hard Astros or Reds fan would love to have. Very, very nice indeed!
For some reason I am very happy they did not make a memorabilia card out of these... I am not sure I would like to pull a "shorts" card.

Congrats on the pick up.

- Chris