LOL @ this ebay seller... LOL

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Apr 3, 2008

This is his response when I asked him was the 1/5 on the card or the case:

"no upper deck made a couple that were #ED like that its an authentic 1/5 only 5 made...i thought the same thing until i contacted the card shop theres a couple diffrent cards that are hand signed serial numbered cards"

I was like bro this card is made by Fleer, and their is no listing for a 1/5.. no auto on the card so why would they write 1/5 on it... lol... some people!!! Im almost tempted to buy it just to own it for the fun of it so I can look at it and laugh!
I'd ask if it has some sort of Fleer embossed logo. I came across some Garvey Fleer buybacks that look fake, but they were all embossed. Could have been a little known buyback or some bankruptcy special. OR, it could be someone writing a 1/5 on a regular card!
I looked on Beckett and their was no card #'d to /5....
Do not forget that Upper Deck now owns all the Fleer name and all that was left after the bankruptcy. They could be re-inserting some of the lesser GU back into packs with serial numbers just to add extra hits wihtout spending the extra buck. Topps is doing that already (especially with some Greats of the Game AUTOS). It is possible he is lying, and there is a possibility that he is telling the truth.


Hey...I believe that in 2005 or so, Fleer did some sort of buyback inserts where they did a hand numbered looks like the right colored blue.
Alot of the 05 Buybacks from National pastime were so poorly stamped that you can barely see the stamped(embossed) logo on the cards, The blue numbering by hand is correct though.

Here is a scan of one a Maddux
The Stamp is on Maddux's Non Glove shoulder, Cant see it in the scan, but held at an angle in the light the stamp is clear.
LOL at him is right.....
Don't forget traders, I still have a Zito Triple Game Used # to 5, that he wanted from me, and stuck me with it, after leading me on for about three months....
Thanks guys, for the LOL to him.
He made a mistake, big deal. No need to be posting your personal issues with him on the boards.
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