Need advice on TTM's

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Feb 17, 2004
Ok guys i have decided to try this TTM thing and need advice on how to do it correctly. I know i need to send a SASE but lmk how to do the cards. Do i put them in sleeves and toploaders? Do i add extras in case they might want to keep the extras? Should i write a little note with the cards?

Thanks and any advice is appreciated

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I've never sent extras so I don't think you have too. Also I always send in sleeve and toplader and have not yet had a problem. As far as writing a note, it is a good idea to improve success rate. I always include one and I have a success rate of a little over 50%

When I decided to start not too long ago I found this thread very helpful. Make sure to read all the posts as some comments helped me out a lot.

My current success rate is 3/40 (as of 1/17/10), and I sent all my requests out on 1/9/10. I would never send more than 6 cards to one player, and most will not keep any. If they find it as too many cards to sign, they will return some unsigned.

One major point to put here, do not send cards in top loaders or penny sleeves. Players have signed those before, I've read about those horror stories. I leave mine unprotected (the SASE and letter do it well), but you can include an index card if it would make you feel better.

From one new TTMer to another,
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I never send cards in sleeves, have heard too many stories about the sleeves getting signed. I send a letter, usually a couple paragraphs. I've been sending through the mail for 30 years and have an 85 percent success rate. I send two items at the most.
I usually send 1-3 cards & or customs never in a sleeve & always with a short note & always with please & thank you.
welcome to the club dennis! :D

i usually send a toploader with the card so it can come back sturdy.
if you want, i put the player last name on the back corner of the envolope if your sending out a lot off requests.
mr xxxxxx,
when you have the time, will you autograph my card, please? thanks so much and have a nice day!


mr xxxxxx,
when you have the time, will you autograph my card, please? If possible, can you personalize it to xxxx? thanks so much and have a nice day!
I usually write:

Dear Mr. ***,
I really admire your amazing (stat). And if he's before my time I write: I never got to see you play, but my dad is a huge (team) fan and he always talks about you. I would really like it if you could please sign my cards and answer my questions. Thanks so much!

Always handwrite everything! There isn't a single sticker (except the stamps) on anything. I like sending questions, it's a cool thing to do. But it does taker some extra time, but well worth it. And I always send my cards in one of the big toploaders if there's more than one without a penny sleeve. Duke Snider signed my sleeve, and I never made the mistake again. Good luck, PLMK by PM if you need any addresses or %'s.

Jesse :D :D
i just put there last name on the back real small

jesse- why no stickers than just the stamps?
Also Dennis here is exactly what I do:

1. I never send more than 4 cards and I always offer them to keep what ever they want

2. I do not send in sleeves or top loaders.

3. Here is what I write (by hand, not typed):

I was hoping you would be able to sign at least one of the enclosed cards, so I may put it towards my MLB players autograph card collection.

Please feel free to keep any of the cards you like

Thank you for your time and autograph.
Thanks guys. Would anybody happen to have an address for Chris Sabo? Always enjoyed watching him play and he was a Cincinnati Red which i have always liked.

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autograph sounds better imo, signing might lead that they think you sell/trade them for a profit, whereas autograph sounds like a kid looking to improve his collection.


dennis- found an add, dont know if it works

Chris Sabo
7455 Stonemeadow Lane
Cincinnati OH 45242
I've gotyten a personalized card back from him a few years ago. He doesn't seem like a great signer at a 46% success rate. The current address that people have been getting successes from (I get this info from is:

7455 Stonemeadow Lane Cincinnati, OH 45242 (same as redsfan ;) )

Good luck!

Thanks guys. Would anybody happen to have an address for Chris Sabo? Always enjoyed watching him play and he was a Cincinnati Red which i have always liked.

Thanks guys. I will get a couple of his cards out and try it. Might get lucky and get one signed.

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You'll find that everyone has their own habits and rituals that they fall into.

1. I usually send no more than two items- usually a card and a CIC, or just two cards.

2. I have a fairly lengthy letter that I type (I used to handwrite, after switching to typing I've found no difference in success rates). I also include questions for the player to answer at the bottom of the letter if they have the time. I've gotten 25 question sheets back so far.

3. I always handwrite the SASE and outer envelope. I think most people use a small envelope for the SASE and one of those #10 business size envelopes for the outer shell. I use the peel n' stick SASEs to make it easy for the players.

4. I don't use a sleeve or top loader for the cards so as to make it as easy for the player as possible. I never plan to trade or sell my TTMs, so I don't mind if they get an occasional ding or dent.

5. If you start to get really excited by TTMs, consider a subscription to The best $15 you'll ever spend TTMing. The site has a ton of success and addresses and will save you a lot of time identifying people who never sign.

Again, these are just my own personal habits, and you'll develop your own. Good luck! TTMing is addictive!