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Oct 13, 2002
Federal Way WA
HI Fellow Bench Members,
If you need supplies, check out my new site.
I have just started this home business since i have been off work since mid december.

Buy supplies from me, a member of the bench trading group.

Let me buy in bulk from the big guys to keep the prices down and pass the saving along to you.

Give us a try, im sure you wont be dissapointed.
Thanks for looking


Good Luck with the biz!!!!

Still getting off the ground

Thanks guys for your support
I have 2 cases of pages sitting here now and will be ordering more later this week.
Sorry about not telling sooner, wanted to make sure i would have stock before taking orders.

Let me know what you think of my pricing if its in line with what your paying now.
Thanks Colin
If you haven't had your first Bench order....

You will soon, I am working up an order and will be in touch tonight!!

Checking up

Hi traders
Just wanted to check back and see if any one needs anything. Have some new items coming in next week,
They are small black stand to display a card in a screwdown holder.
If your interested in these let me know and I can email you a picture.
Thanks Colin
Hey Colin

You have the best prices ive seen you got one order from me and many more to come im here to help you anyway i can just let me know and ill be there i have been posting your site on many other site somaybe you will be getting some other business not only from the bench good luck


Hi Robert
Thanks for your support, now if i can get half of the members to buy supplies from me, I can really get this business going.
Half isnt too much to ask is it???

Im here for all your supply needs, if i dont have it in stock, i will try to add it to my inventory in the future.

Talk to you later and thanks again
Hey Colin, good luck with the supply business! I'll definately be in touch with you. I have one suggestion, how about stocking up on those Card Saver II type holders? I'd love some of those if you ever get around to probably stocking some of those!

Take Care,
thanks for writing

HI Ramil
I will add those to my list of items to look into adding to my inventory in the near future.
I think you are the first person to ask for those since it seems other people have been looking for the mini snap or screwdowns.
How many would you b e interested in. I thikn i have to buy them by the case and there are 2000 in case. That would be alot of money to put out if you only want 1 pack of 100.
Also please let me know what you usually pay for a pack of 100 so i can figure out if i can get a good enough deal for you to buy them from me.
I hope you will considerme for you future suply needs.
Thanks Colin
Just curious, what are the Plastic Deck Protector. When I click the view button, it says it has encountered an error. Overall, I really like the site. I will be buying in the future, I am just low on money now.

Deck Protector

HI Ron
Im working on finding a picture of these online to put on my page.

They are basically designed to hold your pokemon, magic, or any other type of cards that come in a deck that you carry with you.
There is a small peice of velcro to keep the hinged lid closed.

Sports cards do fit in the box in soft sleeves or mini snaps but they are not wide enough to hold a toploader,

Hope this helps.
Thanks for writing
Nice, I most likely will be buying those since I play Magic:The Gathering. Another question. Where you get the supplies, do they only have sports supplies? Do they have any Magic sleeves. They are kind of like the soft sleeves, but a little thicker and have a colored back. I would also buy those.

Thanks alot,

Hi Ron
I dont have those specific type of sleeves.

I buy my supplies from a wholesale distributor in california.

I received a flyer that the deck sleeves will be avaliable the 1st of april, so if you want i can let you know the price after they are released.
It says they are packs of 50 and 6 colors, but it dosent say if the packs have 6 colors or there will be the options of 6 colors to order.
Thanks Colin
anybody else need anything

Hey guys and gals,
Looking to help our members out with there supply needs,
Been up and running one month now.
Can still use more help getting this business off the ground.

If you have any supply needs please give me a try.

Thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of my prices so far.

Hey Colin,

I recieved my suplies today only a day for shipping wow thats great. All the supplies are looking great everything arrived safe and sound. I was looking at those snap cases and the middle one will fit most of the cards i have so i will be purchasing more of those soon thanks alot. And to all the bench member i reccommend colin for your supplies quick shipping and great quality of supplies thanks again

Hey Colin, I was wondering if you have gotten the prices for those sleeves? If so, I will most likely buy them, cause I am rather low and need some. Hope to be buying soon.


Hi Ron
No i havent heard about the sleeves yet, I will email him or call on monday and see if they are avaliable.
Im probably going to have to buy them buy the case, so it may be a week or so before i have the cash to place an order.

How many were you intersted in again?
Did you need any of the deck boxes?

LMK Colin