*PLEASE* Update The Players You Collect OR No Longer Collect!

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
This may be asking a bit much, but...

Is there anyway to send a mass PM to each member asking them to update the players they collect? Maybe I should say the players they NO LONGER collect?

I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I've been in talks with a member who says "If you ever come across (Insert Player Here) please let me know!" Only to shoot them a PM when I do, to get "I don't collect them any more".

Then you go to the Player Collector page to see who else collects said player and there is that members name next to the player they no longer collect! You're Killing Me Smalls!


*I feel better now! :p
I think doing mass PM's is something that the host frowns upon for some reason, can't recall the details but I know there is a reason why The Bench never does that sort of thing.

I hear you though Craig, maybe this is why I seem to get most of my trades done with the same established traders:)
How bad is the problem with people no longer on site clogging it? I mean, if someone came here, chose a bunch of players, then lost interest in the site, does the site make them inactive and purge their name and thus the player list link? If not, maybe dumping anyone who hasn't logged on for three months may help quite a bit.