Press Conference with local legend

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Mar 23, 2004
Reggie Miller was in town to promote his upcoming ESPN film about the Pacer/Knick rivalry in the 90's. He will be back in 2/10 for the premiere so hopefully will get to go to that. He is usually a pain regarding autographs. I have in fact been 1-1 with him and he wouldnt sign. After the press conference, he did interviews and then walked right over to the 8 of us there with stuff for autographs. I wish I had more because he signed everything in front of him and asked if there was any more. Very happy with what I got as I never had gotten him myself and only had him on a mini poster that is pretty beat up I got from my dentist as a kid that knew him. He had a black sharpie and switched to silver to sign my ball and signed it with his 'good' signature. Attached a pic and will try to from now on as I know I enjoy seeing pics more than posts without.