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Roid Sox Nation

Aug 8, 2009
Scotch Plains
Hello sports fans and happy (lazy?) Sunday to you and yours.

I am new to the site but not new to the arena of sports cards and trading.

I'm in the process of separating my entire stock (which includes autos/ game-used/ refractors etc.) because I have a ton of random commons that could be of use to you. I'm breaking everything down into teams, so if you're looking for anything from nice Mickey Mantle commons to a rookie of George Kottaras to an old Nolan Ryan from the Angels, I have a lot of random stuff. It's a tough process to break everything down, but I'm mining my best stuff, which I can offer in trades. I have cards that book value $8 / $10 / $20 / $40 etc., so I have plenty of different combinations to make deals.

I'm trying to complete sets such as AG 08 basse, AG 08 state cards, and SP Legendary Cuts 05 (love that set) . I just started on the AG 09, but I love the Pride cards and am working on those.

If nothing else, hit me up to chat Yankee baseball or Rangers hockey. You've got a friend in me.
Welcome... Im always looking for Paul O'neill that I dont have. Bernie and Jeter as well. Kevin in CT.