Recent Pickup Thread November 2009

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And, to start it off....
I was out of town for the weekend and arrived back to find a nice stack of envelopes. Goodies inside! Trick or Treat for me! LOL!














lots of new Brauns

for some reason none of the ticket stubs seem to come from the player's home stadium- I bought a Braun one from Dodgers stadium and then saw this one so I decided to "upgrade"


Another addition to the Heisman auto collection and 2005 TAA Chrome Auto /55
Interesting autograph lot arrived today. Won on ebay for $17 and change + $6 s/h. That was certainly a fair price for 31 signatures. It might have turned into quite a steal though when I did a little research on Boxer Pete Herman. He fought from 1912-1922, is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and died in 1973, having gone completely blind! Makes me wonder aprrox. when it was signed. The card I got was an old business card from his club in the French Quarter district of New Orleans, an establishment he ran after his boxing career ended! I found one other like it on ebay. The seller is asking $35 and it's unsigned!


There was a mystery auto in the lot as well. Any ideas? It could be anyone, although the rest of the lot is sports. David Segui came to mind as a possibility???


The rest...Tom Tresh, Jake Gibbs, John Grubb, Ron Guidry, Dan Driessen, Joe Charboneau, Terry Francona, Jerry Reuss, Cory Snyder, Mark Lemke, Clint Hurdle, Ozzie Newsome (certified), Tony Dorsett, Herschel Walker (x3), Mike ERozier (x2), Gary Barnett, Anthony Pleasant, Charles Barkley, Connie Hawkins, Rick Pitino (x2), Shannon Miller, Summer Sanders and Greg Louganis (x3).

Picked up another PC card:


#'d 3/5
I think these cards are really sharp & i've wanted one for a while, but they always seemed to sell too high. Think I got a fairly decent deal on this one.

I also have a really awesome bagwell lot I picked up coming in a few days.

I can't wait to show it off once it arrives.

Thanks for looking

There was a mystery auto in the lot as well. Any ideas? It could be anyone, although the rest of the lot is sports. David Segui came to mind as a possibility???

I thought that was from football??? maybe Deion Sanders??? but I thought he used to sign "$anders"???

I finally got my "convention cards":

Donruss Classics National #'d 5/5

Donruss Diamond King Hawaii #'d 6/10

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Sanders is possible. I will need to dig out the Sanders autos I have and check. I don't know his sig that well.

The cards spanned baseball, football, basketball, boxing and some olympians as well. Could be anything. The proset card of the White House certainly doesn't provide anything more than another question...why that card?

I thought that was from football??? maybe Deion Sanders??? but I thought he used to sign "$anders"???
I never knew ProSet made baseball.. I only remember Football and Golf.. Either way let us know... Im trying to think of all the D. S. guys in sports I can.. lol

mopar - nice Herman auto!!!

- here's a few recent items - some Nettles oddballs & OPC cards as well as some others - thanks, erik





I'm really proud of how this new collection is starting off for me. My third 1/1 and some nice cards to boot! ;)





The height of SLU popularity has passed, but I was a fairly avid collector for a few years and still like these things.

I have amassed a fairly large and halfway decent collection of the little figures, still in their packages. In fact, to gain space, I opened probably 50 or more a few years back. I may have opened some decent ones (after the fact) between 1995-1998, but oh well.

Anyway, I wandered into a card shop while on lunch last week. I noticed this 1993 Nolan Ryan Extended (Retirement) piece behind the counter on the hold shelf. Ryan and Maddux EXT pieces were the red hot pieces in 1993 and they were always expensive. I figured I would never own either, but eventually grabbed up the Maddux on ebay for about $15 a few years back.

I asked the guy about the piece and how much he was selling it for and he told me it was $5! ALL of his SLUs were $5. I groaned and commented that I missed a sweet deal. Then we got to talking and I joked about why someone would place a $5 item on hold!!?? He told me it was an internet item from his mailer and a guy had emailed asking him to hold it. Well, long story short, he had been holding it for a while! I told him I'd buy it if the guy flaked on him. The owner said to check back with him after 1 week and that I could have it if the guy didn't come get it.

Fast forward to today. I stopped back buy and sure enough the piece was still back on the hold shelf. The owner saw me and the first thing he said was the Ryan was still there. "It's mine now" I said..."Right?". He had even emailed the guy telling him to get it between my visits. Not sure he warned the guy it was possibly going to be sold though. The guy said he wanted it, but still never came in!

I got it for $5!!!

I had also picked up a 1991 Jordan, 1993 Shaquille O'Neal (First Piece) and a 1995 Dominic Hasek (FP) for $5 each the week earlier.

Now I just need to find a screaming deal on that 1990 Maddux piece!
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